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Food Crops News 118


FOOD CROPS Food Crops News 118 (Bản tin Cây Lương thực Quốc tế)

Major crops-production to dip by 2.3% in 2012-13: CMIE

The poor progress of southwest monsoon is expected to hamper the production
of both food and non-food crops and the major crops production is projected
to decline by 2.3% in 2012-13. Source: PTI ...
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Richard Henke: Debate on genetically modified plants more nuanced than often ...

Santa Cruz Sentinel

He goes astray when he conflates this concern with the supposed dangers of
genetically modified food sources. Genetically modified, or GM, plants
contain bits of added DNA that give them properties not found in the parent
plant. There are many such ...
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GM crops a solution for improving crop yield: Experts

Times of India

"In the absence of higher yielding biotech crops, an additional 91 million
hectares of farmland would have been required between 1996 and 2010 to
maintain the global food production," Khetrapal added. Echoing the view,
National Seeds Authority of India ...
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Researchers chart ag effects of GMO initiative

Daily Democrat

Farmers would feel a number of direct and indirect impacts -- regardless of
whether or not they grow biotech crops -- should California voters approve
a food-labeling initiative on the November ballot. And costs on California
food processors could soar ...
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Viewpoints: Crop research will wither if farm bill fails to pass

Sacramento Bee

It ensures national food independence and an ample supply of nutritious
fruits and vegetables for all Americans. For all these reasons
congressional delegations from specialty crop districts across the United
States should rally to ensure research ...
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Cash crop: Cape Elizabeth farm goes online in search of capital

Bangor Daily News

Although none of that has changed, more has been added to farmers' plates
— not only growing the food, but also retail operations, marketing the
farm and filing piles of paperwork. Farming is also less lucrative than it
once was, especially for small ...
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Industrial crops deficient

The Spokesman Review

All industrial crops are sprayed with massive amounts of
pesticides/herbicides or other genetically modified organisms. Approval is
being sought for the use of 2-4-D on food crops. The health implications of
these chemicals are enormous. Please give ...
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Price rises give food for thought


Now, it is Mother Nature that has bared her teeth – and food producers
are suffering. A blistering heat-wave in the American Midwest – the
hottest on record – has decimated crops. Soybean, rapeseed and corn
prices are at an all-time high. The cost of ...
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GM crops a solution for improving crop yield: scientists

Deccan Herald

Amid debate over its impact on ecology and human health, genetically
modified crops are an answer to improve crop yield and help maintain high
food production, scientists are of the view. "In a country like India where
resources are limited and the ...
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Volunteers help local farm harvest crops for food pantry

SPANISH LAKE, Mo. ( -- A crop mob will be helping out at the
"Seeds of Hope" farm in Spanish Lake Saturday. A crop mob is a group of
volunteers who show up at community farms to help with chores. The
volunteers will be there from 9 until 1 ...
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food crops « Envirothink

Finally, there is scientific, understandable evidence of the negative
effects of genetically modified (GMO) food crops. Scientists, farmers and
informed consumers ...

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