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Food Crops News 133

Food Crops News 133 update new global food crops from 7 Nov. 2012 to 12 Nov. 2012

12 Nov. 2012

Govt eyes food security, shifts focus to traditional crops
Times of India

LUCKNOW: Traditional crops have once again made their presence felt, be it
because of their nutritional values or awareness pertaining to a healthy
lifestyle. Waking up to the prevailing trend, the UP government has made a
shift in its agro-policy ...
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We still won't know what's in genetically engineered food
phillyBurbs.com (blog)

GMOs are created by scientists using molecular biology to create crop
plants for animal and human consumption. Capitalism at its finest. It's a
fast way to create a lot of one particular food item. The perks: the crops
can be pest-resistant, herbicide ...
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UN: NKorea has better harvest but faces shortages
The Seattle Times

North Korea increased its production of staple foods for the second year in
a row, thanks in part to better use of fertilizers and plastic sheeting to
protect crops, but its citizens are still suffering from a serious lack of
key proteins and fats in ...
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Joint UN assessment finds better harvests in DPR Korea along with under-nutrition
UN News Centre

The joint Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission, conducted by the world
body's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Food Programme
(WFP), found that overall production for the main 2012 harvest and 2013
early season crops is ...
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Chicory crop has brighter future
Scottsbluff Star Herald

The potential for doubling the region's chicory output has improved with
the EPA approval of the herbicide BASIS for use on the crop. With a minimum
requirement of 500 acres to fill contracts for Nestle's dog food and
Chicory USA coffee and tea, U.S ...
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Genetically modified crops stir fresh debatePress TV
A few weeks ago, when a French scientist published a study and proved that

genetically modified crops known as GM foods/crops can cause cancers among
rats, counter-claims condemned the study. Now politicians and NGOs say,
neither the scientist nor ...
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Grow Up, Not Out: South Carolina examines unique method of food production
WBTW - Myrtle Beach and Florence SC

Pest problems and severe weather conditions can damage crops and lead to
food shortages and increased food prices. In an age of increasing
population, demand and climate change the federal government is examining
alternative methods of food ...
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GM crops must for country, government tells SC

... advanced and safe biotechnology tools are not adopted," the central
government told the apex court in an affidavit last week. The central
government said GM crops would not only lead to increased food security but
would also reduce pressure on land ...
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Walker's World: Food crisis again

With more transparency and information on crops and pricing at global level
and more coordination by leading food importers and exporters, FAO Director
General Jose Graziano da Silva says these reforms helped to "stop the worst
drought in decades [from ...
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Fungi offer non-GM way to enhance food crops | Genetic Literacy ...

JOHANNESBURG, 7 November 2012 (IRIN) - As temperatures soar and droughts
increase in frequency, scientists around the world are working to create
food ...

11 Nov. 2012
Boosting food production through genetically modified crops

As part of efforts to attain food security across the globe, experts have
called for the adoption of genetically modified crops as a means of
providing enough food for the fast-growing world population. Genetically
modified (GM) foods are produced ...
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Yolo County farmers donate their crops to regional food banks
Daily Democrat

In a field in western Yolo County, farmer Jim Durst and his crew worked
their way through a field of butternut squash. The employees packed 15 bins
of the squash -- none of it for sale. Instead, Durst donated the squash to
needy families through the ...
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Flooding: Jonathan approves N9.7b food production plan
The Nation

Adesina further put the total flooded areas as at 12th and 13th October,
2012 to 1.4 million as estimate for crop loss was 467,000 ha. Adesina
dismissed imminence of food shortage next year adding that the mentioned
data were outcomes of a ...
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Nasarawa Plans Food Security
Leadership Newspapers

Facing such severe situation of population growth plus cropland reduction,
it is obvious that the only way to solve food shortage problem in the state
is to greatly enhance the yielding capacity of food crops per unit land
area through advanced science ...
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Food irradiation -- a gift horse?
Winnipeg Free Press

The food we eat is often contaminated by pathogens that do not cause
symptoms in plants and animals, but make people sick. In recent years, 25
per cent of food-borne illnesses in the U.S. have come from crops
contaminated by Salmonella, toxigenic E ...
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scientists, activists and farmers demand removal of top GM researcher
India Today

The controversy surrounding GM food crops in the country shows no signs of
cooling down. Even as the debate over field trials of genetically modified
crops rages, a group of scientists, activists and farmers' associations has
demanded removal of a top ...
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Extreme Weather Events and Crop Price Spikes (2-3)
Sudan Vision

Various impact studies have considered the effects on global food
production and prices of projected long-run trends in temperature,
precipitation and CO2 concentrations caused by climate change. But an area
that remains under explored is the impact on ...
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Nigeria will benefit from modern biotechnology in agric – Expert
Osun Defender

Speaking in Abuja on Saturday, Kenya said that the technology would boost
agricultural productivity by assisting in the development of new crops and
in combating insects that destroy plants and animals. “Biotechnology
guarantees food security and ...
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'Foodies' a formidable force
Winnipeg Free Press

However, it is equally tough to argue this was a clear victory for the
agri-food sector, which now uses ingredients from genetically engineered
crops -- chiefly corn and soybeans -- in the majority of processed food
products on grocery shelves. Unlike ...
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Growing Staple Food Crops in Permaculture Systems (permaculture ...

I just read a really interesting
[url=http://www.acresusa.com/toolbox/reprints/ Nov12_Shepard.pdf ...

    10 Nov. 2012

India will slide 20 years in research if GM crop trials stopped for 10 years ...
Times of India

NEW DELHI: Opposing the Supreme Court-constituted Technical Expert
Committee's recommendation for a 10-year moratorium on field trials of
genetically modified food crops, the Union government on Friday said if
accepted, the move could set India back ...
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Soy, Wheat Fall as US Forecasts Ease Supply Concerns

The Midwest drought that cut output in the U.S., the world's biggest
exporter of the three crops, sent soybean and corn prices to record highs
and wheat to a four-year peak. Surging costs may have damped demand by
makers of food, biofuel and livestock ...
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$8.4 million for food grain and alternative fuel research
UC Davis

In order to ensure that the crop yields more energy than it requires to
produce and does not compete with food crops, switchgrass and all other
crops grown specifically for biomass must be grown with minimal fertilizer
and water on marginal lands ...
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Ihedioha's Empowerment Formula

"It involves training women and youths on the skill of micro and basic
agriculture with emphasis on food crops processing, practical and
demonstration farming. The ultimate tendency is to ensure that the
beneficiaries return to their communities to ...
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Centre opposes moratorium on GM field trials
The Hindu

Appearing for the Centre, Attorney-General G.E. Vahanvati contended that
field trials should be allowed to go on as the demand for food for the
growing population could be met only through the GM crops. Counsel for
various parties also opposed the ...
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Amdavadis to get a taste of forgotten recipes at IIM-A in December
Times of India

According to SRISTI, the festival was started nine years ago for
conservation of agro-biodiversity and creating demand for crops which are
rarely cultivated. The paradox of development is such that nutritious food
is still in the most under-developed ...
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Climate Change: Food Crisis And Future Hunger Wars
Global food prices are at an all-time high. Since the United States is the
world's top exporter of both of these crops, significant disruptions in
domestic production can impact global food prices. In fact, 40 percent of
the wheat and soya beans traded ...
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Judge Orders Eradication of GE Plants on Wildlife Refuges

... to mitigate environmental damage from previous illegal cultivation of
GE crops. The decision concludes a successful lawsuit brought by the public
interest groups Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER),
Center for Food Safety (CFS ...
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Food activist to speak in Saskatoon
News Talk 980 CJME

Lappé said she just returned from India, where she saw communities
creating food security at the village level. She said she saw people trust
diversified crops – fields produce greater yields and food with greater
nutrition. Lappé, who authored Diet ...
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CLIMATE CHANGE: Fungi offer non-GM way to enhance food crops

Fungi and other microbes could enable food crops like maize, wheat and rice
to grow in high temperatures and salty soils, and even withstand erratic
rainfall, ...

9 Nov. 2012

What Matters About California's GE Labeling Fight
Huffington Post

Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, Syngenta, Bayer Crop Science and BASF (aka the
“Big 6” pesticide corporations) joined processed food conglomerates in
spending $46 million to defeat Proposition 37. Meanwhile, supporters of the
ballot initiative cobbled together ...
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World Food Prices Stay High, Says The UN's Food Group
Huffington Post

ROME, Nov 8 (Reuters) - Global supply of key cereal staples including wheat
is to tighten sharply in the 2012/13 crop season as wheat and maize output
feels the pinch of the worst U.S. drought in more than half a century, data
from the United Nations ...
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New roadmap points way to a more resilient food system
Natural Resources Defense Council (blog)

I had the pleasure of contributing to the roadmap and am thrilled to have
this resource to inform the work of NRDC's team of food system reformers,
but first thing's first: What is cover cropping, why does it matter, and
what does any of it have to do ...
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Could millions of GM insects be released into British crop fields without ...
Daily Mail

Millions of GM insects developed by British scientists could be released
into food crop fields without proper safety checks, it is claimed. The
British company Oxitec is working on genetically modified insects that are
designed to kill off pests that ...
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Great, Russia's Crops Just Failed
Pacific Standard (blog)

While everyone else was worrying about hurricanes, the United Nations Food
and Agriculture Organization quietly published its own news of a disaster,
the body's November “Food Outlook” report. It seems Russian wheat
production has crashed by 30%, ...
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MSU gets $25M grant for food production research, anti-poverty effort
Port Huron Times Herald

EAST LANSING — Michigan State University will be home to one of seven
development laboratories charged with finding ways to boost crop production
and reduce poverty in developing areas around the world.The Global Center
for Food Systems Innovation ...
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Return of rude food: Disastrous impact of summer floods on crops means mis ...
Daily Mail

The return of mis-shapen food raises the prospect of amusing additions to
shopping baskets. This tomato became an internet hit after keen gardeners
Eric and Diane Hinchliffe from Lincolnshire noticed it looked like a rubber
duck and the pig-shaped ...
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Fruit, nut producers to benefit from TDA grant
Southwest Farm Press

“The specialty crop funding will further improve the ability of Texas
consumers to access food grown right here in Texas while giving Texas
farmers access to the tools and resources needed to grow their businesses
and improve the quality of their crops ...
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Wheat soars after Russian crop failure
Financial Times

Today's crop failure, which follows an unusually dry and hot summer, has
sent global wheat prices soaring – to a four-year high yesterday –
threatening higher food prices around the world. Siberia is not the only
problem. Wheat production in almost ...
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8 Nov. 2012
After Loss, the Fight to Label Modified Food Continues
New York Times

A ballot measure that would have made California the first state in the
nation to require such labeling was defeated, 53.1 percent to 46.9 percent.
Support for the initiative, which polls said once was greater than 60
percent, crumbled over the last ...
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CLIMATE CHANGE: Fungi offer non-GM way to enhance food crops

JOHANNESBURG, 7 November 2012 (IRIN) - As temperatures soar and droughts
increase in frequency, scientists around the world are working to create
food crops tolerant of extreme temperatures - often an expensive and
laborious process. But a cheaper ...
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Crop insurance a post-election target, farm bill elusive
Chicago Tribune

But lawmakers will probably be unable to break their deadlock over enacting
a five-year, $500 billion farm bill covering a wide range of agricultural
policy from food stamps to crop subsidies and soil conservation. The worst
drought to hit the Midwest ...
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Measure to label foods defeated
Sacramento Bee

Today, about 90 percent of corn and soybeans are genetically engineered,
according to the USDA, as are much of the nation's canola and sugar beet
crops. Those crops make their way into thousands of common food products
that fill grocery stores.
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Prop 37 lost-are we eating genetically engineered food?
Prop 37, an initiative that would have mandated the labeling of food that
is made from plants or animals, that has genetic material that has been
changed in specified ways, was defeated yesterday. Any genetically
engineered food would have had to ...
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GM crops should go back to the lab
The Hindu
So, when the Supreme Court-appointed Technical Expert Committee (TEC)
recommended a 10-year moratorium on all field trials of GM food crops, I
was not surprised. The expert panel had merely echoed the concerns and
apprehensions that society at large ...
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Longest Sugar Glut in Decade Extends on Indian Crop: Commodities

Futures fell 26 percent since March on prospects for a third straight
annual surplus, helping to contain the surge in global food costs caused by
droughts in the U.S., Europe and Australia. “If the actual crop is going
to be more than expected it's ...
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Organic Food's Nutrition Not Controversial
Jackson Free Press

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” —Hippocrates.
Last month, a Stanford “megastudy” that supposedly found organic
produce was no more nutritious than “conventionally” farmed crops
(read: chemicals) made a few quiet corrections to ...
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Ag Alert Update: Farm Bureau welcomes defeat of food labeling initiative
California Farm Bureau

"No matter what crops they grow or how they grow them, farmers want to
provide the food and farm products that people want and need," he said,
adding that Farm Bureau supports continued research and education to
broaden understanding of genetically ...
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Conservation + Agriculture = True Food Security
National Geographic

Most proposed solutions target demand alone by increasing crop yields. An
alternative approach gaining increased attention recognizes the mutual
dependency of agriculture and conservation. The results are promising –
putting more food on more tables ...
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Climate Change: Fungi offer non-GM way to enhance food crops ...
Helping food crops weather climate change is a matter of urgency, said
experts from 15 research centres of the Consultative Group on International
Agricultural ...

allAfrica.com: Nigeria: Ihedioha Promises to Establish Food Crop ...
Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, at the
weekend, pledged to establish multi-million naira food crops processing
plants in ...

7 Nov. 2012
Calif. considers labeling requirement for GMO food

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Consumers' appetite to distinguish foods produced from
biotech crops is being put to the test Tuesday as California voters
consider a ballot initiative to slap labels on genetically modified food.
The closely watched race has ...
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'Food processing plants to save money'
Zambia Daily Mail

Mr Phiri of Chipata says failure to sell his crops in the past has resulted
in failure to have decent meals while Americans throw away nearly half of
their food each year with the waste worth approximated at US$165 billion
annually–equivalent the size ...
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US Drought 2012 Impact on Food Prices
Food Poisoning Bulletin

The USDA has issued projections on the effect of the drought on food prices
in the U.S. The report begins, “the most severe and extensive drought in
at least 25 years is seriously affecting U.S. agriculture, with impacts on
the crop and livestock ...
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WVU part of $10M biofuels projects
State Journal

The project will promote the use of marginal farmland and abandoned and
reclaimed mine sites so that these crops will not compete for resources
with food production. WVU's participation will be led by Jingxin Wang,
professor of wood science and ...
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Sandy: UN to send emergency food aid to storm-hit Cuba
BBC News

The WFP is also seeking funds to help Haiti, where more than 50 people died
in the storm. Sandy's winds and rains destroyed many of the crops in the
south of the country. The WFP calculates that nearly two million people are
facing food insecurity in ...
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GM crops see hurdles in India, with 10-year moratorium proposed
Alaska Dispatch

A key recommendation is to put a 10-year moratorium on field trials of Bt
transgenics in all food crops (meant for direct human consumption) until
specific sites for conducting the trials have been marked and certified,
and competent monitoring ...
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Greenpeace warns of GMO

We now see that dangerous GMO corn has cross-bred with normal corn crops.
How do we now protect our rice crops to prevent, the same thing from
happening with GMO rice?”--Roberto Bajenting of the Cebu Coalition for
Food Security. In a food and ...
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Workshop considers climate change adaptable crops
ABC Local

... in an effort to develop new varieties of crop that are adaptable to
climate change. Representatives from 12 Asian nations are taking part in
the workshop hosted by the Department of Agriculture and Food. The
department's grains industry executive ...
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Govt increases support prices of crops to help farmers: Kaira
Associated Press of Pakistan

Talking to a private television channel, the Information minister said the
government had increased support prices of crops to support farmers. He
said that PPP led government has given food security, adding that in first
year of the government ...
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