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Food Crops News 132

Food Crops News 132 update new global food crops from 3 Nov. 2012 to 6 Nov. 2012

6 Nov. 2012

Haiti fears food crisis in Hurricane Sandy's aftermath
Kansas City Star

Now, with ruined roads and crops destroyed throughout the country,
international aid and Haitian authorities are worried about a worsening
food crisis in a country still recovering from a year of drought, a weak
economy and a previous storm. “Whatever ...
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Climate Conversations - 'Virtual' crops could lead to climate-sustainable food


Climate change poses particularly daunting challenges to future food
production. Crops and livestock are already susceptible to a variety of
physical and biological stresses such as heat, drought, flooding, increased
salinity, pests, and diseases.
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India looks likely to harvest bumper wheat crop in 2013


If farmers produce yet another bumper crop, the government will continue
unrestricted wheat exports, said P K Joshi, a director at the International
Food Policy Research Institute. Exports from India next year could make up
for a global shortfall after ...
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Delusions of Danger

Slate Magazine

Why the food movement's demonization of genetically modified crops isn't
just scientifically baseless—it's politically stupid. By Keith
Kloor|Posted Monday, Nov. 5, 2012, at 10:55 AM ET. Tweet. An activist
protests a request by US biotech giant ...
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Are you eating genetically modified food?


Are you consuming food made using genetically modified (GM) crops? You
probably are, even if you're not aware of it. The Washington-based
Environmental Working Group recently conducted an interesting
investigation. Using 2011 data provided by the US ...
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EAC Told to Ease Food Trade in Region


If Africa and the East African Community (EAC) partner states are to
provide poor people with better access to food, and help poor farmers earn
higher prices for their food crops, opening up cross-border trade across
the region is essential, a World ...
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Ihedioha Promises to Establish Food Crop Processing Centres


Emeka Ihedioha, at the weekend, pledged to establish multi-million naira
food crops processing plants in Imo State to boost food security in the
state. He made the pledge during the passing out ceremony of 700 youths and
women who benefitted from the ...
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CSPI: USDA Should Have Greater Oversight over Engineered Crops

Food Product Design

CSPI feels foods made from genetically engineered crops are safe to eat.
Still, the organization is in favor of legislation that would require
approval of such crops before they enter the nation's food supply. The U.S.
Food and Drug Administration ...
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This election will be the food movement's moment of truth, says ...

By Lauren Alix Brown

Biotechnology was supposed to trigger a food revolution: Higher crop yields
and the end of world hunger. Or so promised once-chemical producer
Monsanto, now the mother of all agricultural biotechnology companies. But
20 years on, ... <http://qz.com/24136/this-election-will-be-the-moment-of-truth-for-the-food-movement-says-michael-pollan/> Quartz <http://qz.com/>

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Attention Tobacco Producers | North Carolina Cooperative Extension

Animal Agriculture · Commercial Horticulture, Nursery, & Turf · Farm
Health & Safety · Field Crops · Food Safety & Processing · Local Foods · Pest Management ... <http://davie.ces.ncsu.edu/2012/11/attention-tobacco-producers/>

5 Nov. 2012

GM crops only way to enhance food productivity: Dr Iqbal
Business Recorder (blog)

Director International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS),
University of Karachi, Professor Dr M Iqbal Chaudhary on Sunday delivered a
lecture at ICCBS auditorium on productivity of food. He said, the
productivity of food was a ...
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Food crop cultivation drive begins

Ceylon Daily News

The Sri Lanka Hadabima Authority has made arrangements to launch a special
programme to plant additional food crops. Around 1,000 farmer families will
participate in this programme, Sri Lanka Hadabima Authority chairman
Nandasena Herath said.
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Researchers say bees boost crop yields

ABC Online

"Canola only flowers for a short period of time and the bees are there for
a longer time, so they would need extra feed, and also in years with crop
rotation grains are grown [and] they will need extra food as well," she
said. "If you do not have ...
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Bananas could replace potatoes in warming world


London, Nov 4: Climate change could lead to crops from the banana family
becoming a critical food source for millions of people, a new report says.
Researchers from the CGIAR agricultural partnership say the fruit might
replace potatoes in some ...
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Sandy fuels growing fears of food security crisis in Haiti

MiamiHerald.com (registration)

The hillside farms and plantations were among those that had been
mercifully spared from previous disasters and disease in a country
struggling under the weight of a severe food crisis. Now, with ruined roads
and crops destroyed throughout the country, ...
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Op-ed: Gates Foundation should step away from funding genetically modified ...

The Seattle Times

37 to require businesses to label genetically modified food, people should
consider that the Seattle-based Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding
research to develop genetically modified crops around the world instead of
more natural products. In ...
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Food insecurity is the real problem of Pakistan

News Tribe

Developing countries grew approximately 50 percent of global biotech crops
in 2011 and are expected to exceed industrial countries' land area devoted
to the crops in 2012.” Dr. Iqbal asserted that biotechnology can bring
food security in the country as ...
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UPA's reform catch-22: To hike wheat prices or not

Hindustan Times

However, successive raises have strongly raised food inflation. Higher
wheat MSP has helped record production, but at the expense of vegetables
and pulses, whose shortage has driven food inflation. "Price policies do
hamper crop diversification ...
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Aiken County Cotton is King

The Aiken Leader

Cotton is a fiber, food and feed crop, obviously, a large and dominant crop
in the south. The beauty of a cotton field in the fall is undeniable.
According to USDA reports, South Carolina currently sees about 300,000
acres in cotton up from 202,000 ...
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Nov. 2012

Everything you need to know about California's genetically modified food fight ...
Washington Post (blog)

How do you genetically modify food? Farmers have been selectively breeding
crops for tens of thousands of years in order to produce desirable genetic
traits. But that's not what's at issue here. Since the 1990s, scientists
have been able to manipulate ...
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GMO Food Debate In The National Spotlight


According to the FDA's Statement of Policy, “Section 402(a)(1) of the act
imposes a legal duty on those who introduce food into the market place,
including food derived from new crop varieties, to ensure that the food
satisfies the applicable safety ...
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Guest Column: Drought, food and land: What will we learn?

Rockford Register Star

The October USDA prediction is that the 2012 corn crop will be 25 bushels
an acre, or 13 percent less than 2011. Lack of supply and increased demand
will contribute to keeping prices high for livestock feed and human
consumable foods. 2012 provides a ...
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Timber And Stone Progress Update: New Crops And Bug Fixes

Just Push Start

Firstly, Reed revealed that he had added a bunch of new crops to go
alongside wheat which was originally the only plant-able food source. Reed
not only named the crops on the image above but also released a list of the
crops “Corn, potatoes, pumpkins, ...
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Did Farmers of the Past Know More Than We Do?

New York Times

The purpose of that patch of oats was manure mitigation. The waste that had
been sprayed on that field came from a hog confinement operation, and oats
were the only crop that would put such concentrated, nearly toxic manure to
nutritional use and do it ...
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Farmers Pay the Price for Consolidation in Organic Food Industry


An analysis released today by the national consumer group Food & Water
Watch found that the farmers who grow organic crops and raise organic
livestock now face the same forces of corporate consolidation that dominate
the conventional food industry ...
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There is More for Food Voters to Chew Over Than Just Proposition 37

Food Safety News

But like California's highly touted Proposition 37 to require labeling of
food made from genetically modified crops, several states are deciding on
ballot measures that at least kick around the edges of food safety with
hunting, fishing, trapping and ...
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Urban Acres indoor garden to begin selling vegetables, herbs this month

Fall River Herald News

So the family began toying with the idea of growing their own food in the
controlled environment using methods that didn't involve the harmful
chemicals found in pesticides used on crops grown on conventional outdoor
farms. That idea eventually evolved ...
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Going Bananas Over Climate Change? You Might Have To

Care2.com (blog)

Other factors have included a failure to address disease control among the
crops and a general shift in focus toward other foods. What is perhaps the
most interesting point this news brings us is the realization that we must
be pro-active in ...
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3 Nov. 2012

California food ballot measure could have national impact
Kansas City Star

Such ingredients come from crops – in particular soybeans and corn –
that have had their DNA scientifically altered by genes from other plants,
animals, viruses or bacteria. California voters will decide Tuesday whether
they want to require food with ...
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Calif. to vote on GMO food labels, but you may already eat them
NBCNews.com (blog)

If approved, food manufacturers will be required by law for the first time
to label all products produced from genetically modified (GM), biotech, or
genetically engineered (GE) crops. “Natural,” “naturally made,
“naturally grown,” and “all natural ...
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Farmers' body opposes field trials of GM crops
Business Standard

Farmer community in Gujarat has raised objection to the union agriculture
minister, Sharad Pawar's appeal to the state governments to permit field
trials of genetically modified (GM) food crops. Farmer body, Bhartiya Kisan
Sangh (BKS) has alleged that ...
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European Commission Limits Food-Based Biofuel
Design News

The European Commission (EC) has proposed to limit the amount of food crops
that can be used for making biofuels in the European Union. The move comes
after several studies have shown that not all biofuels are equal in
greenhouse gas emissions.
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Specialty Crop Block Grant Technical Review Committee Sought
Imperial Valley News

California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Secretary Karen Ross
is announcing the opportunity to serve as a reviewer on the 2013 Specialty
Crop Block Grant Technical Review Committee. This committee reviews,
evaluates, and make ...
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Court Okays Genetically Modified Crops On Wildlife Refuges
Indiana Public Media

The Fish & Wildlife Service uses genetically modified crops as extra food
sources for wildlife and to maintain and restore land that it says could
otherwise be over-run by invasive species. The Midwest region conducted an
environmental assessment last ...
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Global warming may make bananas replace potatoes as vital food crops
MSN India

Researchers from the CGIAR agricultural partnership said that the fruit
might replace potatoes in some developing countries, the BBC reported. The
authors of the report also said that cassava and the little known cowpea
plant could play increasingly ...
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Scientists present joint front on GM crops

The panel's study—Cultivation of Genetically Modified Food
Crops—Prospects and Effects—was among the most extensive conducted by a
parliamentary standing panel, which received 467 memoranda and 14,862
documents, and reviewed evidence given ...
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Sandy worsens Haiti's food crisis
Financial Times (blog)

Not only is Haiti's death toll of 54 much higher given that only 10m people
live in the impoverished Caribbean nation, but Sandy destroyed thousands of
hectares of crops, making the import-dependent country even more reliant on
expensive foreign food.
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CSPI Urges Tougher Oversight of GE Foods in Farm Bill
CSPI Newsroom

CSPI believes that foods made from currently marketed genetically
engineered crops are safe to eat, and that with effective oversight the
crops' environmental impact could be managed safely. But CSPI also supports
legislation that would require ...
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Haiti fears food shortages after hurricane hit crops - The Standard
Fears are growing of food shortages in Haiti, after the strong winds and
heavy rain of Hurricane Sandy caused extensive crop damage.

Global warming may make bananas replace potatoes as vital food ...
Global warming may make bananas replace potatoes as vital food crops.
Posted on 01 November 2012 |. Climate change could lead to bananas becoming
a ... <http://wwf.panda.org/?206597/Global-warming-may-make-bananas-replace-potatoes-as-vital-food-crops>
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