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FARMD Annual Conference 2012: RISK & RICE IN ASIA
Seraton Hotel SaiGon Hotel& Towers HoChiMinh city 16-18 Oct. 2012

Welcome Address by the Vice Minister of Agriculture, Vietnam (see more >>>)

FARMD Annual Conference 2012: RISK & RICE IN ASIA
Welcome from Vietnam
by Dr. Bui Ba Bong, Vice Minister
of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Vietnam

Distinguished delegates,
Ladies and Gentlemen.

On behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam, I am honored to attend Conference on Risk & Rice in Asia which is organized by the the Forum for Agriculture Risk Management in Development (FARMD). The Conference is a good opportunity to contacts and discuss problems of mutual interest on emerging issues in agriculture among attendees from Asia. I would like to extend to you all a very warm welcome to Vietnam.

Ladies and gentlemen,

As you know, accompanying shifts in diet along with increases in per capita income, world trade in higher value and perishable foods continues to grow at a much faster pace than that of staple grains or agricultural raw materials. With its rapidly growing middle class, developing countries will continue to account for the bulk of incremental global food demand and a growing share of world food and agricultural imports. Hence, much of the growth in world food and agricultural imports will occur in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East; and these trends could open up great opportunities for agricultural exporting countries like Vietnam.

However, agricultural production is likely to suffer from rising and continued volatility of price. According to FAO and USDA forecasts, prices in the medium terms are expected to hang around historically high levels due to increased demand for grain, oilseeds and livestock products, industrial raw materials, biofuel programs, and expected high energy prices. This is a cause and also a consequence of more speculative trading in commodity markets. At the same time, the agriculture sector is also facing a series of growing risks such as diseases, environmental pollution, and climate change. These major risks are threatening incomes of farmers, and business owners.

Rice is the most staple food in most countries in Asia. The uncertainties in rice production, market and trade would affect millions of people particularly the small scale and marginal rice producers and low income . Therefore, efforts have been made at country levels and regional levels to these uncertainties and risks in the rice sector. In this context, the present Conference is highly relevant for us to strengthen our efforts and co-operation toward a more stainable rice development in Asia. We will have the opportunity to share the knowledge, discussions, and most importantly identify suitable management strategies and tools. By creating a platform for multi-stakeholder debate and discussion, we will foster improved understanding of risks and risk management across the Asia rice supply chains.
Ladies and gentlemen,

At the present time, worries exist when the world food prices has been increasing at high rates. Vietnam luckily can maintain its potential of food production and food export. Our efforts can contribute at some extents to the food supply in some parts of the world which may mitigate the shortage of staple food like rice if it occurs. At the same time, we also wish to receive more supports form international communities and institutions to have access to more resources for successful restructuring of the country rice sector. Lastly, I wish you a productive and successful conference and a very pleasant stay in Ho Chi Minh City

Introduction to Conference and FARMD by Marc Sadler Team Leader, The World Bank (see more >>>)

Donnor Welcome- Brigitte Bruhin, SECO and Jaap Smit, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands (see more >>>)

Regional Rice Overview: Regional and Global Trends - Dr. Peter Timmer, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University
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VIDEO: Introduction to Supply Chain Risk Assessment

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