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Food Crops News 195

Farmer and Wife January Update
 Forum for Agricultural Risk Management in Development  
Dear Hoang,
First of all, we would like to wish you a very happy New Year! We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead for the FARMD community and we are delighted to have you as a part of our network. 
This update is to announce an exciting new addition to the FARMD Resource Section - agricultural risk management training materials produced by the World Bank. Currently five courses are available, with more to be uploaded in coming months. We invite you to browse through the courses, learn more about the topics, and download the materials for your personal use. 
We would also like to highlight two additional opportunities that might be of interest to members of the FARMD network - a call for case study proposals and an upcoming event. Should you wish to take part in one or both of these opportunities, simply follow the instructions provided on our website.
Download the World Bank's Training Courses on
Agricultural Risk Management
Smallholder Farmer Course
Risk Mitigation for Smallholder Agricultural Production in the Caribbean
Weather Risk Management for Agricultural Producers


Cocoa Pod

Coffee Beans

About the Training Courses:
Recognizing the importance of agricultural risk management and building relevant capacity, the World Bank's Agricultural Risk Management Team (ARMT) has developed courses that provide both general and specialized training in this area. ARMT's risk management courses aim to educate agricultural enterprises and associated institutions on how key agricultural risks can best be managed. All courses focus on a particular area of risk, highlight some instruments for managing risk, and provide information on the development of overall risk management programs.

Call for Case Study ProposalsLessons from Partnerships to Reduce the Environmental Footprint of Commercial Agriculture
Highlighting the various risks facing agriculture and enhancing the sharing of experience and knowledge on managing these risks is the primary focus of the FARMD forum. It is important to recognize that agriculture may also be a source of risk--particularly environmental risk. In many locales, agricultural expansion and commercialization has contributed to deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, wetlands destruction, surface water pollution and other adverse environmental impacts. In some cases, environmental degradation has contributed to production risks, for example when farms are affected by landslides because of deforested hills and in those cases when the removal of mangrove forests renders coastal aquaculture extremely vulnerable to sea surges.
We invite you to participate in a new effort by the World Bank to enhance knowledge-sharing on ways to mitigate the environmental risks posed by commercial agriculture. Please see the attached call for case studies that highlight global experience in this area. >>Learn More

Upcoming Event | ULYSSES International Seminar "Food Price Volatility: Looking for Viable Policy Approaches"
Taking place in Madrid, Spain from 27-28 March 2014, this seminar will create a space for debate among both private and public sector specialists from around the world focusing on the topic of food and agriculture market volatility. The event will also draw attention and generate insight into possible future developments and scenarios related to trends in markets and volatility.
The event is being co-organized by the ULYSSES project, the Forum for Agricultural Risk Management and Development (FARMD), and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Professionals from these institutions, and from others, including the European Commission, Ministries, NGOs and leading academic institutions, will provide lectures on various topics and participate in the discussions. >>Learn More
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3rd Starch World 2014
"Global Markets sales of starches and derivatives were $51.2 billion in 2012. It is expected that the market will reach $77.4 billion by 2018, after increasing at a CAGR of 7.1% between 2012 and 2018."July 2013, BCC Research

Asia is one of the key starch production regions. While Thailand is already the world's biggest exporter of starch as well as world's largest producer of native tapioca starch, companies in Indonesia and Vietnam are also catching up. Malaysia, is also getting into cassava plantations for starch production. The emerging starch players from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam look set to replicate Thailand's success stories and make a mark on the world starch industry.

CMT's 3rd Starch World opens in Jakarta on 17-19 February 2014 to unveil the opportunities for emerging players in the starch industry as well as starch application in foods items, cosmetics, paper and also bio based raw materials. The event brings together key plantation owners, R&D companies as well as key advisors to enlighten you on latest updates from the industry.

Key highlights
Tap on expert analysis on 'Status of the cassava industry in Malaysia' from Dr. Swee Lian Tan, Director of Research & Development, Solomon Plantations.

PLUS, benefit from the specially added and separately bookable Starch World 2014 Workshop on: Cassava Plantation, Agricultural Practices and Pest Management - Perspective from Thailandwhere you'll have the exclusive opportunity to gain in-depth insights on :

  • Current breeding program of the new cassava varieties of the Thai Tapioca Fund by Prof. Dr. Ed Sarobol, Director, Thai Tapioca Development Institute
  • Latest Pests affecting Cassava by Kris Wyckhuys, Entomologists, CIAT Asia
  • Latest on Cassava diseases and Management by Dr. Hernan Ceballos, Cassava Leader, CIAT (International Center for Tropical Agriculture).
  • New High Yielding Varieties in the Market by Dr. Hernan Ceballos, Cassava Leader, CIAT (International Center for Tropical Agriculture)
Find out more

Unparalleled Networking Plantation, Agriculture/ Agro Industrial Crops, Fermentation, Enzymes Suppliers - Companies that uses starch & starch derivatives - food, textiles, paper, pharmaceutical - Starch manufacturers using feedstock including rice, cassava, corn, wheat, tapioca, financial institutions - Ethanol Producers - Fertiliser Companies - Sugar Plantations Companies -Equipment & Technology suppliers are attending 3rd Starch World in Jakarta. Do not pass up on this opportunity to network with key players of the starch industry.

Do not delay any further, we've a LIMITED OFFER! Pay Online By 17 January 2014 with Visa/MasterCard & SAVE USD75 (per person). REGISTER NOW

To find out what else we have lined up at 3rd Starch World, view the final conference agenda

For more details about the event, you can also drop me an email at or call +65 6346 9144.

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+65 6346 9144
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3rd Starch World 2014  

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Cassava World Africa | 20-21 March 2014, Lusaka, Zambia
Cassava World Africa"Transforming Cassava in Africa - Enhancing Food Security to Agro-Industrial Products!"

Organised by

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phone+65 6346 9115


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Cassava is a highly versatile crop grown by smallholders in more than 100 countries. Its many applications from food, feed to fuels are drawing investors to this wonder crop. Cassava can be a good alternative to wheat and maize, particularly as it can be processed into high-quality flour - a potential substitute for wheat flour. Plus, the crop is second only to maize as a source of starch and recently-developed varieties produce root starch that is highly sought after by industries as a feedstock for bioethanol production.

Till recently, the crop was mainly used for household consumption in Africa, but commercial usage of cassava is gradually gaining traction in the region. The commercialization of cassava beer in Africa by Sabmiller and Diageo has also provided alternative outlets for cassava growers.

"Transforming Cassava in Africa - Enhancing Food Security to Agro-Industrial Products" takes center-stage at CMT's first Cassava World Africa coming to Lusaka, Zambia on20-21 March 2014. Join major players from the industry as they convene to discuss the latest global starch market updates, cassava commercial projects updates & operational challenges, modernization of farming practices, new varieties, pest management, financing solutions, processing technology, out-growers management & many more!

Confirmed speakers include:
  1. Enhancing Food Security, Income Generation, Value Adding and Economic Empowerment through Commercialization of Cassava
    Dennis Beunk, Agricultural Development & Agro-processing Specialist, Brightface Enterprise
  2. Global Starch Market Outlook & Feedstock Economics
    Mr Diogo Machado, Senior Economist, LMC International
  3. Investment Update on Cassava Plantation & Value Addition Project in Tanzania
    Matthew de Klerk, General Manager,
    Cassava Starch of Tanzania Corporation (CSTC)
  4. Challenges of Operating a Cassava High Quality Flour Plant in Africa
    Louw Burger, MD/CEO, Thai Farm Int Ltd
  5. Breeding Opportunities and Challenges for Cassava Commercialization in the Southern Africa Region
    Dr. Ntawuruhunga Pheneas, SARRNET Coordinator, Breeder - Cassava Program Unit, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)
  6. Status of Bioenergy Industry Development in Zambia
    Prof. Thomson Sinkala, Chairman, Biofuels Association of Zambia
  7. Breeding Approaches to Turn Cassava into a Cash Crop for Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development - Dr. Hernan Ceballos, Cassava Leader, CIAT (International Center for Tropical Agriculture)
With new speakers coming on board every day, keep up-to-date with developments on the event website!

Pre-registration is now open. Sign-up with your team to reserve seats and join your peers in Lusaka in March 2014.

PLUS, you must not miss out on the special Corporate, Luncheon & Cocktail sponsorship opportunities as well as customized exhibition/ catalog display offers. You can also advertise on our event website. CONTACT: Ms. Nisha - E: / T: +65 6346 9130 TODAY!

For further information about the event/ registrations, contact Ms. Jane Mai at or call +65 6346 9115.

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Dutch researcher says Earth food plants able to grow on Mars Global Times
The cultivation of various plant species, also food plants, is possible on soil of planet Mars, ecologist Wieger Wamelink of the Dutch research institute ...
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Human Food: Challenges and Opportunities in Sustaining Animal ... areas of land are incapable of supporting the production of human food crops.
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Beans reliable option when times are hard Good Food
Harvesting the crops from the Oasis Africa project in Nairobi. ... of your own vegetables and supporting local and regional food events with purpose.
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Durham University discovery to help reverse global food crisis The Journal
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... National Emergency Office says the catcegory five cyclone that tore through the Ha'apai group at the weekend destroyed almost all the food crops.
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She is an agricultural and environmental scientist and an entomologist ... Edwards teaches the children, teachers and parents how to grow crops...
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Cathleen Enright, an executive vice president of the food and agriculture ... the long-term impact of consuming products with biotech crops in them.
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Europe to Face Food Calamity Due To Rapid Loss of Bee Colonies ... University Herald
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Rural food needs may spur Kenya to review GM ban Thomson Reuters Foundation
Meanwhile, civic leaders in arid parts of the country are encouraging farmers to start growing GM crops in an effort to shore up the rural food basket.
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US food aid program is starving Haiti's farmers
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THE Tasmanian government says it will extend its ban on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for food crops and animals “indefinitely”.
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World's Agricultural Lands Maxed Out
According to a recent study by University of Nebraska researchers thirty percent of the major global cereal crops - including wheat, corn and rice, may ...
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Genetically Modified Foods to Affect Exports
The Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) says the introduction of Genetically Modified crops into the country could hurt its efforts to boost ...
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Galana Irrigation Project to Enable Kenya Export Food
"The programme is aimed at producing enough food crops, livestock and fish to feed our people while generating revenue and employment to about ...
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Food for thought, but not for people Capital Press
But they leave out of that statement the fact “animal feed” includes corn, soybeans, wheat and other food crops. Reducing the production of “feed” for ...
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Berry plant growers want RMP
... type program similar to what's available for farmers growing food crops. Kevin Schooley, executive director of the Ontario Berry Growers Association, ...
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She explained the idea. A self-sustaining ecosystem of edible plants, each serving multiple purposes. Food for bees and butterflies and birds and ...
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Expanded Research Puts Global Food Security on the Horizon Voice of America
Scientists and food experts have high hopes in achieving global food ... providing 50 million poor people with access to highly nutritious food crops.
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Ghana agency fears GM foods could hurt non-traditional exports to EU Ghana Business News
fruit_vegetable The Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) says the introduction of Genetically Modified crops into the country could hurt its efforts ...
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Apremdo chief accuses military of destroying crops Vibe Ghana
The Chief of Apremdo, Nana Egya Kwamena XI, has accused the military of wanton destruction of food crops belonging to farmers in the area but the ...
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Agriculture Ministry: Abnormal Warm Weather In December, Early ... Ukrainian News Agency
The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food stresses that the abnormal warm ... and early January did not have negative impact on the winter crops. Thus ...
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Farmers push for more seeds into Fiji The Jet Newspaper
“The concern is of major importance because our farmers need access to the best available seeds to provide best food crops for Fiji and for export,” ...
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Cargill's quarterly profit rises 36%, though sales lag Minneapolis Star Tribune
Food ingredients, Cargill's biggest business, saw a marginal gain. ... This year's big corn crop — the main cause of falling corn prices — also helped ...
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Increasing cropping frequency offers opportunity to boost food supply Farm and Dairy
MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL — Harvesting existing cropland more frequently could substantially increase global food production without clearing more ...
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Sugarcane growing causing food insecurity – studyPublish Date ... New Vision
The authors of the study said that there are few varieties of food crops cultivated by sugarcane growing households and the households are also short ...
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There is broad scientific consensus that food on the market derived from GM crops poses no greater risk to human health than conventional food.
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Solace to farmers: Nawaz govt slashes down urea price by Rs114 ... The News International
... the government has decreased the urea price by Rs114 per bag to Rs1,786 from Rs1,900 per bag that will help increase the yield of food crops.
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