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Food Crops News 121

FOOD CROPS Food Crops News 121 (Bản tin Cây Lương thực Quốc tế)
Green Super Rice Trials in Long Phu, Soc Trang, Vietnam. Photo Hoang Kim

Địa chỉ xanh giống lúa chịu mặn, hạn

Harsh weather dims hopes of bountiful rice harvest in N. Korea
Houston Chronicle (blog)

Now, with North Korean farmers preparing to head out into autumn fields to
cut and thresh the nation's most important crop, rice, there are renewed
concerns that continued harsh weather will mean another shortfall of food
in this chronically hungry land.
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Crop growers in S. Idaho donate food leftover from harvest, help feed the hungry

The Republic

CASTLEFORD, Idaho — The golden tassels of cornstalks begin to shake as
Lance Phillips makes his way to the edge of the field. Phillips emerges,
parting a row of 7-foot stalks, the bottom half of his shirt bulging. He
unfolds his shirt and dumps eight ...
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Study on Monsanto GM corn concerns draws scepticism


In France, where opposition to GMOs has led to a ban on growing such crops,
the government said it had asked its health and safety agency to assess the
study and had also sent it to the European Union's food safety agency
(EFSA). "Based on the ...
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GMO foods cause tumors and early death according to new studies

The study found consuming even the smallest amounts (reported as "safe" by
Monsanto scientists) of Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller (sprayed on GMO food
plants), or the NK603 Roundup-resistant GM maize (corn) also developed by
Monsanto, resulted in ...
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S. Idaho fields gleaned to help feed the hungry

Sacramento Bee

CASTLEFORD, Idaho -- Crop growers in southern Idaho are donating food
gleaned from their fields to help feed the hungry. The Times-News reports (
) Lance Phillips was among members of a Kimberly church
who recently gleaned a ...
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Study proposes new way to save Africa's beleaguered soils


Their system, which they call "perenniation," mixes food crops with trees
and perennial plants, which live for two years or more. Thousands of
farmers are already trying variations of perenniation, which reduces the
need for artificial inputs while ...
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Donated Garden Plot + Donated Plants + Donated Time = Food Pantry Harvest

The club is now busy harvesting their crops, all of which are donated to
the Rochester Food Pantry. Several other groups have cultivated their
entire Rochester Community garden plot in order to raise food to donate to
local food pantries. These groups ...
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Guest commentary: California food-labeling proposition has fatal flaws

California is poised to pass Proposition 37 in November, forcing food
processors to apply "may contain genetically engineered" warning labels for
any trace of biotech crops (also called "genetically modified"). This law
will disrupt existing chains of ...
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The Future Of Cereal Depends On How We Adapt To A Warming Climate

Business Insider

Food is one of society's key sensitivities to climate. A year of not enough
or too much rainfall, a hot spell or cold snap at the wrong time, or
extremes, like flooding and storms, can have a significant effect on local
crop yields and livestock ...
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A battle for food

The Advocate

New Englanders had also already created a fledgling canning industry, and
it mushroomed with the Union military's wartime demands for processed food.
The Confederacy, on the other hand, had little mechanization for either
crops or food processing ...
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Mars ISRU for food crops and consumables. - Forum

Glucose is a food by itself, of course (though you wouldn't want people
eating just glucose except in emergencies). Most calories could be produced
chemically ...

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Food Crops News 120

FOOD CROPS Food Crops News 120 (Bản tin Cây Lương thực Quốc tế)
Green Super Rice Trials in Long Phu, Soc Trang, Vietnam. Photo Hoang Kim
Campaigners welcome EU plan to limit crop-based biofuels for transport
The Guardian

"I think we agree that a higher figure for that mixture of biofuel beyond
5% can only be achieved from a second generation source, not from crops but
agricultural waste and leftovers instead of from food crops," he told
reporters. Campaign group Oxfam ...
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RBI: Late rain will help rabi crops, tame food prices
Business Standard

The Reserve Bank today said the delay in monsoon rain will have some
softening impact on the price index as it will help the winter crops, a day
after it left the key interest rates unchanged citing the increasing upside
risks to inflation. "Late rains ...
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Belfast Co-op Aims to Boost Maine Food Entrepreneurs

"We hope that more farmers who grow crops now will be growing more crops in
the future. We hope that there will be people who will step in and start
marketing those crops, or developing value-added products with those crops,
and then selling those ...
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Zimbabwe urged to lift ban on growing genetically modified food
Reuters AlertNet

Tapuwa Gomo, a Zimbabwean development expert based in South Africa, said
that adopting genetically modified crops could help farmers grow more food
with fewer resources. “Engineering the ability to fix nitrogen into
cereal crops could reduce or even ...
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Navel orange crop could be near record
Porterville Recorder The California Department of Food and
Agriculture had good news for the approximately 2,000 people who make their
living in the orange industry locally — the 2012 Navel orange crop is
shaping up to be one of the largest.
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KTG flags second crops, as food-fuel tensions rise

KTG Energie flagged the potential for farmers to grow crops for both food
and energy use even as pressure mounted over the production of biofuels,
given the elevated prices of grains. The German-based group, which turns
crops into electricity, said ...
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Washington ranked No. 1 in US sweet corn production

Minnesota farmers plant more acres of sweet corn, but last year Washington
produced more tons per acre, according to the U.S. Department of
Agriculture. But corn's value as a food isn't the only reason it's grown in
the Mid-Columbia. Growers said the ...
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SAB Miller researches cassava food byproducts to push 'zero waste' aim

Cassava and yam were important food security crops for approximately 700m
people, the firm noted, but losses after harvesting and during processing
were as high as 30% for cassava. Not only was this detrimental to food
security and the environment, but ...
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Swip's Dunbar: Markets must prepare for elevated food prices

Droughts have ravaged Kenya. The list goes on. But widespread crop failures
will also be keenly felt outside America's Farm Belt. The planet's poorest
regions tend to suffer the most in such crises. Import bills rise as they
do not grow enough of their ...
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Genetically modified foods, pesticides safe
Vancouver Sun

The dangers of genetically modified crops and food are imaginary and after
25 years of study the European Union stated the risk from GM crops and food
are in no way greater than from conventionally bred plants. This is the
same safe opinion that every ...

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India needs GM food crops to boost farm productivity

Source – Livemint By Rajeev Mantri and Harsh Gupta Date – Sept 17, 2012
Website – It is short-sighted and immature to attribute
the issue of ...

Marijuana Interlaced in Our Nation's Food Crops - CNN iReport
This is a preview of a two day tour in Fresno County overlooking
California's serious problem with marijuana cultivation and how it is
affecting out nation's food ...

Food fight! RTP crop firms oppose Calif. label proposition :: The ...
BASF Plant Science, Bayer Crop Science along with Monsanto, Syngenta and
Dow AgroSciences pour millions of dollars into campaign against genetically

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