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Food Crops News 233

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Update of Food Crops News from  08 July to 09 July, 2014.

EU Limits Production of Biofuels Made From Food Crops
While that is partially true, it won't be that good if we need to use our food crops to make it or cut down woods in order to get biofuel-dedicated fields.
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Roundtable supports GM crops
... modified (GM) crops by educating farmers and wider spectrum of population about new opportunities offered by the agricultural biotechnology.
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Organic Foods Not Necessarily Safe if They Come from China
It's a common assumption that any food grown organically will be healthier than that which isn't. But crops produced in China are demonstrating that ...
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Supply Chain Sustainability Program to Improve US Crop Production
Field to Market, the Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture, recently announced the introduction of a new agricultural supply chain program for U.S. Crops ...
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CFIA aims to speed up pre-market approval for feeds and crops
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), in a bid to increase ... office (PASO) for products such as animal feeds and plants with novel traits.
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What's the Next Quinoa? Farmers, Foodies Revive Heritage Grains
(Read "Food Ark" in National Geographic magazine.) ... With such heavy reliance on so few foods, the consequences of crop failures due to disease, ...
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Farmers Need Support to Grow Bumper Crops
Why, instead of bumper crops, does Africa have an annual food import bill of $35 billion? According to the Africa Progress Panel's latest annual report, ...
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Anne McIntosh: Complacency is a real threat to food security
THE UK currently enjoys a high level of food security, in no small part ... We note that for key cereal crops, for example, wheat, yield levels have not ...
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Lawsuit demands Calif. stop approving pesticides that harm honeybees
Honeybees pollinate plants that produce about a quarter of the food consumed by Americans, including apples, almonds, watermelons and beans, ...
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The Real Winners of the World Cup
“Despite producing more GE crops than any other country playing in the ... the U.S. continues to deny its citizens full information about their food.
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US campaigners hope to engineer GMO labeling laws
"To say that GMO crops are 'untested' or 'unsafe' is simply not true. GMO crops undergo more testing and oversight than any other agricultural ...
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Midwest set for big crops
Big crops are good news for food processors, livestock producers, ethanol makers and exporters that have been paying hefty prices for corn and ...
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FAO food price index down for third month running: plenty of corn and wheat
According to the latest FAO Crops Prospects and Food Situation Report, the outlook for global production of cereals, a staple food in many countries, ...
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Nigerian Food Prices Steady at End Q2
But the latest FAO Crop Prospect and Food Situation report, the outlook for global production of cereals - a staple food in many countries - improved ...
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EU agrees cap on food-based biofuel
European ministers have agreed to cap the use of food crops as biofuel to 7 per cent of transport fuel. The agreement is a response to concerns that ...
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Caribbean farming conference starts today at Sugar Bay
The Caribbean Food Crops Society hosted its first meeting in 1963 and has met in the U.S. Virgin Islands in 1972, 1984, and every 10 years thereafter.
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In 10 Years, Tiny Flying Robots Could Pollinate Crops Instead Of Real Bees
Honeybees, which pollinate nearly one-third of the food we eat, have been dying at unprecedented rates because of a mysterious phenomenon ...
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Farming UK
International collobration aims to protect world's crops
They are an important constraint on crop production by reducing the ... area of crop protection and food security from the University of Hertfordshire, ...
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Garden: Tips to attract wildlife
When a garden is friendly to wildlife, the joy of their presence is not the only benefit. Food crops and flowers get pollinated and pest levels decline ...
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Food prices push annual inflation down to 4.9%
Food prices push annual inflation down to 4.9% ... the measure of the changes in prices of goods and services less food crops and electricity, dropped ...

• Biotech Can Help Conservation Agriculture

• FAO Boosts Support to Namibian Agriculture
• Make Agriculture A Sexy Career Choice for Young Africans, Says AGRA Head

• EPA Officials Back Safety of Rainbow Papaya
• Insights on How Plants Respond to Elevated CO2 Levels

Asia and the Pacific
• Journalist Roundtable on Bt Brinjal in Bangladesh
• NAST PHL Conference Focuses on Improvement of Infrastructure, Information, and Innovation
• Scientists Identify Wheat Genes for Boron Tolerance
• Study on News Reports on Golden Rice Experiment

• Old Ways Help Modern Maize Defend Itself

• GmPIP1;6 Overexpression Improves Soybean Salt Tolerance
• Fungus Inoculation Increases Zinc Availability in Field Grown Maize
• Rice Transporter Gene OsPTR6 has the Potential to Increase Rice Growth

Beyond Crop Biotech
• Gene Discovery Could Lead to More Resilient Trees
• Fruit Flies Reveal Gene Responsible for Human Communication
• Glowing Marine Organism Could Help in Human Biotech Applications
• Mutated Cocaine Esterase Enzyme can be the Potential Cure for Cocaine Overdoses

• ICABBBE 2014

Document Reminders
• ISAAA Pockets of Knowledge, Updated
Research and Development
• Thin Stillage from Wheat-Based Ethanol Production is an Effective Fertilizer
• The Potential of Short-Rotation Coppice Willow in Lessening Climate Change
• Alperujo is a Promising New Source of Olive-Pomace Oil

News and Trends
• Neste Oil and RAE Sign Algae Oil Offtake Agreement
• Minnesota Becomes the First State to Require Double-Digit Biodiesel Blend

Biofuels Processing
• Deacetylation and Disc Refining Process (DDR) Efficiently Converts Biomass to Soluble Sugars
• Gold-Palladium Nanocatalysts for Faster Glycerol Conversion
• Acid-Catalyzed Autohydrolysis Helps Improve Sugar Recovery from Wheat Straws

Latest Communication Products

Agricultural Biotechnology (A Lot More Than Just GM)
The booklet explains and compares tools of agri-biotech including conventional breeding, tissue culture and micropropagation, molecular breeding and marker-assisted selection, and genetic engineering
Infomercial: What Do People Say About Biotech?
This informercial features photos of students, teachers, farmers, media practitioners, and consumers who were asked to write one-liners about their perception on biotechnology. These photos were taken during the science fairs held in the Philippines in 2013.
Infographic on Biotech Crops Benefits
This infographic summarizes the important contributions of biotech crops in increasing crop productivity, conserving biodiversity, reducing agriculture's environmental footprint, mitigating the effects of climate change, and alleviation of poverty and hunger
Infomercial: Biotech Crop Adoption in 2013
This infomercial summarizes the highlights of the report on the global status of biotech crop planting in 2013. The 90-second video presents percentage of the major countries, crops, and biotech traits planted in 2013
Pocket K 46 on Nitrogen Efficient Use Biotech Crops
Pocket K 46 includes a summary of genes studied to modify nitrogen use of plants and the research status of biotech crops with improved nitrogen use including corn, wheat, canola, rice, wheat, sugarcane, and sugar beet.



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