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Food Crops News 135

Food Crops News 135 update new global food crops from 14 Nov. 2012 to 18 Nov. 2012

Focus on local food crops up at Capitol
Proposals lawmakers are likely to face after they convene in January will
address food sampling at farmers markets, expanding last session's "cottage
foods" law and reducing barriers for small farms seeking the agricultural
property tax exemption. This ...
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Local restaurants, growers work to bring fresh foods to table
The state's three regions are wildly different in climate and crops. South
Florida is home to tropical fruits and sugarcane. Northern Florida foods
mimic those of southern Georgia and Alabama. In addition, the entire state
is surrounded by seafood ...
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Food security: Gut issue in Asia, Pacific
Business Mirror
According to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), we may see the
explosion of global population to 9 billion people resulting in a projected
50-percent growth in the demand for major crops by the year 2050. Also,
environmental stresses are ...
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AROUND 1,000 environmental rights activists, lawyers, scholars,
community-based organisations and women groups in Nigeria, at a forum
hosted by the country's foremost environmental rights advocacy group,
Environmental Rights Action (ERA) in Lagos, ...
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Marginalization of GM crops
A look at how GM technology is used in crop breeding and production shows
that opponents already have had an impact, by limiting GM varieties almost
exclusively to feed and fiber crops such as corn, soybeans and cotton,
rather than food crops. Most of ...
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Forest Conservation is Key to Food Security
Voice of America
“We are now dependent on only 20 crops for our food security. At any one
time, it is estimated that over 2,000 crop species contribute towards human
food security, and 95 percent of food consumed is based on only 20 of
those. A few of those--rice ...
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Kids discover food's origins
Merced Sun-Star
15. The purpose is to increase awareness of locally-grown specialty crops
produced in Merced County and to teach children the importance of
agriculture’s roll in history, economics, and health while
introducing children to healthy food choices.
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New tech developed to grow duo-crop for more food
Financial Express Bangladesh
... country's food demand. According to them nearly one per cent land are
being captured for non-agricultural sector yearly. Nowadays the farmers are
not getting fair price of paddy. If they cultivate two-type crops at a
time, they will be able to ...
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Commentary: GMO Inside unfair fighters against GMO foods
Using Thanksgiving as a kick-off for a new effort to punish any food
producer, processor who might include GMO crops in their food, a new
coalition of anti-GMO organizations has been formed. It is the “GMO
Inside” organization. The idea is that ...
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Fish and fried bananas for tea?
The Student
All of these impact on crop yields and their quality. The United Nations
World Food Programme reports that every seventh man goes to bed hungry at
night. More people die from starvation than from AIDS, malaria and
tuberculosis together. In 2008, the ...
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CFIA contemplates tougher entry requirements for crop imports
... weeds and their seeds once the Canadian Food Inspection Agency adopts
more stringent entry requirements. CFIA spokesperson Lisa Gauthier says by
email the date to adopt the new entry requirement directive that will
affect imports of field crops ...
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Illinois Specialty Crops, Agritourism and Organic Conference
Farmers Advance
10, with a general session highlighting the Illinois specialty crops
industry and its partners and addressing a range of issues, including
produce recalls, severe weather, herbicide drift, food safety, new pests,
and more. Participants are invited to ...
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Nanomaterials Found to Impact Food Crops - UTEP News ...
Nanomaterials Found to Impact Food Crops. Details: Last Updated on
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 15:43. By Nadia Macias. UTEP News Service.
Although ...

Outrage in Nigeria over gene giants food crops coup - GMWatch
GMWatch is an independent non-profit making organisation founded in 1998.
We seek to counter the enormous corporate political power and propaganda of
the ...
One group of organic farmers, which had set up a self-certification program
for its crops, decided to expand its program to other countries. The
extension of the program allows growers in those countries to export
organic food to the U.S. under the ...
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Scientist filled the 'empty dinner pail'
Chicago Tribune
George Washington Carver was a scientist who did more to raise the peanut's
public profile than any other figure in American life, with the possible
exception of former farmer-turned-president Jimmy Carter and Planters' Mr.
Peanut. Carver's work with ...
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California genetic food vote is no victory for science
New Scientist
So why aren't people in poor countries already eating healthier food,
richer in iron and vitamin A? Partly they can't afford to pay for it, so
commercial companies have little incentive to develop such crops. Instead,
such work has to be funded by ...
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Crop diversification vital
Zambia Daily Mail
According to the IMF, the huge subsidies to maize were being done at the
expense of other crops that could improve food security, increase incomes
for small-scale farmers and also help to diversify the country's foreign
exchange earnings. It is ...
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What Will Convince People That Genetically Modified Foods Are Okay?
Smithsonian (blog)
Prop 37 advocates labeled the proposition as the “Right to Know”
initiative and claimed that consumers should know when their food is
genetically modified. The subtext to all this is that some people believe
GM crops are evil. And the proposition, like ...
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Plant maturity process found in chloroplasts
Johns Hopkins News-Letter
Plants have always been an integral part of human life, both as food
sources and as decorations. For that reason, the question of how plants
mature has long been plaguing the minds of scientists. Recently, biologists
at the University of Leicester ...
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food crops - Firstpost
Firstpost: Find Latest food crops News, food crops Breaking News, Blogs on
food crops, food crops update.
Fuel Crops Displacing Vital Food Plants
THE "biofuel bubble" is ready to burst because fuel crops are displacing
crops that are vitally needed for global food production, a Welsh academic
has said. Denis Murphy, professor of biotechnology at University of
Glamorgan, who is also biotechnology ...
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In Perspective: Gratitude for food science
This past growing season was a challenging one for many farmers, crop
consultants and ag retailers. With so many crops wilting under the
relentless heat and drought of our past summer, being grateful for the food
that was produced is paramount ...
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Agriculture and farmers suffer as substandard seeds flood market
The Nation
LAHORE – SALMAN ABDUHU - The agricultural experts have said that
developing countries like Pakistan would have to adopt genetically
modified/biotech crops in the shortest possible time to ensure food
security for rapidly growing population, saying that ...
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Dole Food Co Inc. Files SEC Form 4, Statement of Changes in Beneficial ...
For additional information on this SEC filing see:
tml. Keywords for this news article include: Dole Food Co Inc, Agricultural
Production-Crops. Our reports deliver fact-based ...
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Haitians Going Hungry After Hurricane Sandy, UN Warns
International Business Times
Hurricane Sandy claimed 54 lives when it swept through Haiti, causing
massive flooding that damaged 70 percent of the nation's crops. Haiti
already relies on imports for about half of its food requirements, while
record high temperatures and droughts ...
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Technology can be used to cultivate, revive arid lands
Gulf Times
There is a growing consensus that climate change is transforming the
physical and socio-economic context for agricultural development,
especially in dry lands, posing a critical threat to rural livelihood, food
production and food security. For the ...
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Area used by tillage and energy crops could grow 64pc by 2020
Irish Independent
A potential 220,000ha (543,600ac) increase in the total Irish tillage and
energy crop area would not be at odds with Food Harvest 2020 expansion
targets for dairy production, Teagasc's head of crops, environment and land
use, Paddy Browne, has insisted.
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GM food labeling initiative crashes in California
Delta Farm Press
The California statewide ballot initiative Proposition 37 that would have
required food containing genetically modified (GMO) crops to be labeled was
defeated by a 53 percent to 47 percent vote. The initiative's proponents
were touting it as a “right ...
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Malawi: Hunger Drives Acceptance of New Staples
Malawian farmers prepare to plant groundnuts: The reluctant embrace of
crops that would not previously have been considered as food is a
capitulation to the strength of hunger, farmers say. Farmers across Malawi,
struggling to harvest sufficient staple ...
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Conservationists join farmers in pressing for farm bill
Omaha World-Herald
Nebraska ranchers, Iowa farmers and the nation's agribusiness companies —
from grocery kingpin Walmart to meat titan Tyson Foods — are stewing
about Congress' failure to pass a farm bill before the lame-duck session.
They aren't alone ... Jordan Dux ...
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California Voters Say No to Labeling Genetically Engineered Food ...
California Voters Say No to Labeling Genetically Engineered Food:
Proposition 37, which ... Articles in the November 14, 2012 Issue of Crop
Biotech Update ...

Twitter / SciDevNet: #Climatechange to reduce food ...
#Climatechange to reduce food crops by up to 40% in #Africa and #SouthAsia
by 2080 finds study #foodsecurity Reply;
RetweetedRetweet ...

Genetically modified crops stir fresh debate - Press TV
A few weeks ago, when a French scientist published a study and proved that
genetically modified crops known as GM foods/crops can cause cancers among

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Articles in the November 7, 2012 Issue of Crop Biotech Update

• IFAD's New Program Aims at Smallholder Farmers' Adaptation to Climate Change
• UK, IRRI, BMGF Allot $14M for Further Research on C4 Rice

• Study Details Essential Role of Trust in Agricultural Biotech Partnerships
• Zimbabwe to Start Growing Drought-tolerant Maize Soon
• African Stakeholders Tour Bt Cotton Fields in Burkina Faso
• OFAB Africa Launches Burkina Faso Chapter
• Scientists Develop Witchweed Resistant Maize Variety

• Disease-causing Mechanism ofCochliobolus victoriae Fungus in Plants
• Scientists Find Aphid Resistance in Black Raspberry
• Friendly Fungus Tapped to Induce Pest Resistance in Beans, Cassava

Asia and the Pacific 
• Press Freedom and Biotech Policy on News Coverage of GM Crops
• Mitsubishi Funds Bioenergy Research in Sarawak Algae
• Vietnam to Grow More Corn Including GM
• New Rice Varieties to Increase Upland Farmers' Yield in the Philippines

• Plants Recognize Pathogenic and Beneficial Microorganisms
• Scientists Reveal Process in Plants-Soil Microbes Interaction
• Parent Plants Provide Antibodies to Offspring, Research Finds
• Biologists Discover Process Affecting Fruit Ripening in Crops

• Comparison of Agrobacterium tumefaciens Strains for the Genetic Transformation of Tomato
• Increasing Lactostatin in Biotech Rice Using Soybean Protein as Carrier

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