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Food Crops News 287

Food Crops News
CNM365. Thông tin Cây Lương thực Toàn cầu tháng 4 năm 2016 (Food Crops News 287). Chuyên trang thu thập, tuyển chọn thông tin Cây Lương thực giùm bạn và giúp bạn luyện học tiếng Anh nông nghiệp chuyên ngành. Hãy luôn kiên trì làm giàu kiến thức chính của bạn.

CNM365Tin Nông nghiệp Việt Nam 73. Báo chí Quốc tế quan tâm đặc biệt việc Trung Quốc mở rộng cây trồng biến đổi gen (VTV 18.4.2016); Hà Tĩnh phát triển chuỗi liên kết trong nông nghiệp (VOV5, Đài Tiếng nói Việt Nam 18 .4.2016); Ba nhóm giải pháp để phát triển nông nghiệp Đồng Bằng Sông Cửu Long (Nguyễn Quỳnh Huy, Thời báo Kinh tế Sài Gòn 17. 4.2016). Giải pháp để nông nghiệp hội nhập và phát triển (Bảo Lam, Báo Nhân Dân 16. 4. 2016).  Việt Nam sẽ nghiên cứu giống ngô chịu hạn (Kinh tế Nông thôn 15.4.2016). 

food crops
Daily update  April 18, 2016
Columbus Dispatch

Ohio food banks will suffer from prison farm shutdown, advocates say
Hamler-Fugitt immediately pictured 805,000 pounds of vegetables — 20 tractor-trailer loads — and $204,000 in cash crops going out the door.
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Daily Mail

Slip fruit and veg into pots and borders for a delicious display
Certain food crops are surprisingly beautiful. Most fruit is attractive, especially when there's a spring bonus of blossom. Courgettes, leafy herbs and ...
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Toledo Blade

Toledo Magazine: Finger on the pulse
Beans are the highest protein content of all the plant foods on the planet,” said Ms. Gallagher. Citing some of the nutritional benefits of beans, she said ...
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Grow backyard-to-table produce with these garden tips
Manage insect pests by picking them off plants or using a pesticide designed for food crops. “Butterflies and moths have a caterpillar stage and they ...
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The Bakersfield Californian

LOIS HENRY: Testing shows food and oil field water are a good mix
Much more testing is scheduled and a Food Safety Panel assembled by the State ... Based on the data, we believe the water is safe for crops.”.
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Trinidad Guardian

Pumpkin, Watermelon, tasty and juicy
Other important and diverse food plants in the Cucurbitaceae family include these which have their origin in Asia: Cucumis sativus—cucumber, Luffa ...
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WHAT'S NEW AT THE A.K. SMILEY PUBLIC LIBRARY: Check out books on gardening
However, caring for indoor plants can sometimes be tricky. ... Since 30 percent of our food crops and 70 percent of our plants in general benefit from ...
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food crops
Daily update  April 17, 2016
The Guardian

Biofuels, plastics and drugs: is this the future of our farms?
A field of miscanthus, or elephant grass – the crop is used by the energy ... “Non-food crops have seen boom and bust years as farmers try planting ...
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Will Genetically 'Edited' Food Be Regulated? The Case Of The Mushroom
But those crops were considered GMOs, because scientists inserted new, slightly altered genes into those plants in order to “silence” the natural gene.
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Food Tank (blog)

Ten Questions with George Naylor, Board Member for the Non-GMO Project
Food Tank recently had the opportunity to speak with George Naylor, .... This is intended to expand the monocropping of commodity crops, which can ...
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Agri scientists urge farmers to grow sweet potato for food security
Agri scientists urge farmers to grow sweet potato for food security ... most nutrient-rich food crops on their land on larger scale to ensure food security.
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Many benefits from genetically modified crops
... of Canadian production of genetically modified (GM) crops. We have recently completed a major review for the journal Global Food Security on what ...
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Big Wire, news that matters

India's cotton boom hope hinges on monsoon bounty
“The success of Bt cotton in India provides a solid foundation for an introduction of transgenic food crops to increase food production and double ...
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Big Wire, news that matters

India's transgenic crops fact sheet
Lately, there is a visible sign of rising food import and increasing the dependence of imported food to ensure food security including rising import of ...
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food crops
Daily update  April 16, 2016

Fuel, not food crop will help U of I meet a goal
A converted potato planter works a field near Highway 30 planting a root-like portion of a Miscanthus grass plant. This Solid Waste Agency field is ...
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Wall Street Journal

Vermont Seeks Documents on GMOs from Seed, FoodCompanies
Vermont passed a law in 2014 requiring labels for some food products that are made from biotech crops. Seed companies alter the DNA of crops like ...
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Better oversight of genetically engineered crops urged
These special crops are produced with a specific use, such as human food, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, and are grown on more acreage than ...
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OUR OPINION: Learning how to grow food remains great knowledge
The era of backyard gardens as a household standard peaked long ago in Mississippi, but the practicality of growing food-bearing plants remains ...
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Daily Mail

Call for more backing to combat crop threats and hunger
Hundreds of millions of pounds has been pledged to preserve the world's cropvarieties and secure food supplies in the face of growing population ...
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Food Safety News

Small plus local doesn't equal a free pass on food safety
A practical application of that concept would be to use a crop progress check as an opportunity to document food safety efforts. During a trip to a field ...
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Intense Farming Practices Can Help Save Wildlife
The way we grow food now, that won't leave enough room at all for creatures from ants to elephants—or for the plants with which they have co-evolved ...
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Daily Californian

No causal link exists between food waste, food insecurity
A certain formula exists when it comes to reporting on issues of food waste. It often starts with a shocking statistic: A third of the food we produce ... massive portion of wasted resources used to grow, harvest and transport those crops.
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Advances in proso millet research at Panhandle Center
... while improving prospects for finding new markets in food processing industries, according to Dipak Santra, alternative crops breeding specialist at ...
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food crops
Daily update  April 15, 2016

Front-yard food: New F-M project promotes growing crops, free for the taking
Ugly Food of the North, a Fargo-Moorhead group that works to reduce food waste, is launching a new project called the Little Free Garden, a concept ...
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Whitetails: One Food Plot, Three Crops
No, this isn't a Ford v. Chevy v. Dodge debate. While I'm sure that topic would flood the comments sections and up the engagement level, the stuck I'm ...
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CO2 rises could fuel obesity as plants “carb-load”
The nutritional quality of food will plummet as carbon emissions rise, with every bite delivering less protein, fewer micronutrients and more sugars, ...
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Americans are paying less for groceries amid global glut ofcrops
Prices of U.S.-grown grains used for food have fallen three straight years, exacerbated by a strong dollar that makes American crops more expensive ...
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Bloomberg Government (blog)

US-based food aid makes comeback as House boosts surplus buys
The Food for Peace program started as a way to whittle away crop surpluses, and other countries followed the practice, helping not only people who ...
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Business Insider

Everything you think you know about genetically modified food is about to change
And that means that everything we know about genetically modifed food ... Because GMO crops are tweaked in a lab to contain harmless DNA from ...
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Lincoln Journal Star

Garden-care giant to drop chemicals linked to bee declines
DENVER (AP) — Amid ominous warnings about threats to pollinators and the food crops they make possible, garden-care giant Ortho said Tuesday it ...
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Behind The Furious Debate Over GMO Crops
Genetically engineered crops, commonly called GMOs (genetically ... Using fossil fuels to grow our food causes at least four enormous problems.
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Modern Farmer

Waste Not, Want Not: 10 Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste Footprint
The next food revolution is here: stemming the tide of food waste. ... An excess of a particular crop doesn't result in wasted food if you can find a way to ...
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Daily Maverick

Zimbabwe's Thirstlands: Where drought shrivels lives and crops
That amount has kept 11-year-old Lewis Mukonya in class and provided food for HIV-positive Enoch Kwaramba, siblings Elvis and Moreblessing ...
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Cassava in south-east Asia under threat from witches' broom disease

The Guardian - ‎14 thg 4, 2016‎
Cassava, which is originally from South America, is now south-east Asia's third largest source of calories after rice and maize.

Ghana: Poor Cassava Quality Makes Fufu Expensive - Science Professor Attributes It to Change in Weather - ‎15 thg 4, 2016‎
Kumasi - Right Rev. Professor Osei Sarfo Kantanka, a renowned crop scientist has attributed the poor quality of cassava in Ghana, which has led to its scarcity, to a phenomenal change in weather.

Made From Cassava

EMTV Online - ‎12 giờ trước‎
SP Brewery has launched its newest product onto the market, a beverage made from cassava starch. The new product is set to attract local participation of starch markets.

Fiji: High cassava prices

FreshPlaza - ‎15 thg 4, 2016‎
Fiji: High cassava prices. A visit to the Suva Municipal Market and the Bailey bridge market on Thursday confirmed this. Manjula Wati has been selling vegetables at this market for the past 35 years with just one stall but today, she has six.

Mealybugs attack Asia's cassava farms

SciDev.Net - ‎11 thg 4, 2016‎
In recent years, the invasion of the mealybugs and the insect-vectored witches' broom disease have cut cassavayields in South-East Asia.

Benue farmers get N300million to boost rice, cassava production

Vanguard - ‎16 thg 4, 2016‎
The International Fund for Agricultural Production,IFAD,is to invest over N300million to boost rice and cassavaproduction in Benue State.

Man has re-constructive surgery on his intestines after carving an 18-inch yucca plant into the shape of a penis and ...

Daily Mail - ‎7 thg 4, 2016‎
A Costa Rican man found himself in need of emergency surgery after he took his needs for sexual kicks too far. Medics at San Juan de Dios Hospital in the capital San Jose were shocked to find an 18-inch cassava root in the man's anal cavity.

Farmer George and his 14-foot-long cassava

Trinidad News - ‎15 thg 4, 2016‎
RECENT statements by Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley about cassava has put this simple root produce in the limelight. And one farmer in Borde Narve, off Princes Town, is certainly in the spotlight after he harvested a giant cassava in his garden yesterday.

Price of cassava shoots up by 10%

Citifmonline - ‎15 thg 4, 2016‎
Cassava (Gari) gained by a percentage point to closed the week at GHc 5.00 per “olonka.” Meanwhile the prices of soyabean, groundnut, millet and maize dropped between 1 and 3 percent for the third week in April.

Firm revamps Oyo community's cassava processing cottage

The Nation Newspaper - ‎12 thg 4, 2016‎
In continuation of its policy of investing in communities to positively impact the lives of smallholder farmers across Nigeria, British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation (BATNF) has rehabilitated the Cassava Processing Cottage at Ago-Are, in Atisbo ...

PRAN bags maiden Cassava export order from NZ

Dhaka Tribune - ‎12 thg 4, 2016‎
PRAN, a food processor and agribusiness company, has bagged its maiden export order for Cassava worth around $3 million from New Zealand.

Pran to export $3m of cassava to New Zealand

The Daily Star - ‎11 thg 4, 2016‎
The cassava will be shipped off to New Zealand this month through Chittagong port. “Necessary preparations have already been taken for the export,” Kamruzzaman Kamal, director of marketing at Pran-RFL Group, said in a statement yesterday.

Old Man Found Dead In Cassava Field

Pattaya Daily News (press release) - ‎15 thg 4, 2016‎
SATTAHIP - April 15,2016 [PattayaDailyNews]; at 17.00pm Pol Capt Kanchanapat Pataweesuda- female inspector- was notified that an old man was found dead in a cassava field. The police and rescue team suddenly rushed to the scene after they had been ...

Forget malt, cassava beer could be on its way

ABC Online - ‎5 thg 4, 2016‎
ELEANOR HALL: Papua New Guinea's biggest brewer has a plan for a new ingredient in its beer that it says will help the country's farmers.

Tanzania: Kilindi to Promote Cassava Cultivation - ‎8 thg 4, 2016‎
Kilindi - Kilindi District has launched a campaign to ensure food security and promote the production of alternative cash crops. District executive director Mwajina Lipinga said in an interview recently that under the drive the cultivation of cassava ...

Best Product 2016 Nominee: Green Hills Organics Yellow Yam Powder, and CassavaFlour, and Sweet Potato Powder

Jamaica Observer - ‎7 thg 4, 2016‎
We formulated the Yellow Yam Powder and the Cassava Powder mixes because… it was requested by our customers. We used to carry imported products but our customers wanted local merchandise.

Man uses 18-inch vegetable as a sex toy, doctors remove it from his anus

Metro - ‎7 thg 4, 2016‎
A man had no choice but to have surgery after an 18-inch vegetable he carved in the shape of a penis got stuck in his anus. The patient, who has not been named, fashioned the veggie dildo out of cassava, a root vegetable native to South America. He had ...

Price of cassava increases in third week in April

GhanaWeb - ‎14 thg 4, 2016‎
For the third week in April, cassava recorded the highest gain in price. The price of the commodity increased by 10 percent to close the week at 7 cedis 10 pesewas for three to four tubers.

DIY Recipe: How to make cassava flour biscuits - ‎14 thg 4, 2016‎
Cut in butter until mixture resembles course crumbs. Whisk the eggs, and vinegar and in a separate bowl. Mix the wet ingredients into the dry.

Fufu consumption decreases due to high cost of cassava

GhanaWeb - ‎9 thg 4, 2016‎
Some of the chop bar operators who spoke to Atinka news explained that the cassava shortage is as a result of poor rainfall and change in weather conditions in the beginning of this year.

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