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Food Crops News 101

FOOD CROPS Food Crops News 101 (Bản tin Cây Lương thực Quốc tế) 
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World Food Prices Climb as Drought Hurts Crops
Fox Business

World food prices jumped 10 percent in July as drought parched crop lands
in the United States and Eastern Europe, the World Bank said in a statement
urging governments to shore up programs that protect their most vulnerable
populations. From June to ...
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But the impact on consumers, overall food prices and the toll on our daily
lives are minimal compared to the devastating hardship that Americans faced
during the 1930s. This drought - while difficult for some farmers and
ranchers who are suffering ...
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Richmond stepping up RCMP patrols after local farmers hit by major crop thefts
The Province

A new type of heist has struck Metro Vancouver — the systematic theft of
bulk food crops, such as potatoes. Richmond farmer Bill Zylmans said
Thursday about $5,000 worth of spuds have been taken from several of his
fields. Other farmers have also ...

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World can increase food supply, study says

Careful use of water and nutrients could increase production 45 percent to
70 percent for most crops, the researchers said, with the greatest
opportunities for yield improvement to be found in Eastern Europe,
sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia and South Asia.
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Genetic Engineering: A Food Fix?

But the spreading of those same genetically engineered traits to weeds is
now well documented. Invasive plants become “super weeds” and insects
develop resistance to the trait, making them even tougher to fight than
they were before the use of GE crops.
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Food prices soared 10% in July: World Bank

WASHINGTON — The World Bank said Thursday that drought in the US and
Eastern Europe crop centers sent global food prices soaring by 10 percent
last month, raising a food security threat to the world's poorest people.
The surge in prices, mainly due to ...
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Kansas Pitches for Winter Wheat, Isaac May Help Farmers
Food World News

Despite the destruction it has been leaving in its wake, Isaac may prove to
be beneficial for the farming of food crops. Both the International Grains
Council and the US Department of Agriculture had to slash their initial
forecasts of a bumper harvest ...
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Drought, Food Shortage, Cast Spotlight on Ag Innovation Showcase

This dependence is a cause of some irony: in the case of soybeans, we see
that the bad crop has caused distress in China, where the ubiquitous bean
is the source of much of its cooking oil and is a cherished food. There may
be hope on the horizon with ...
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UN food agency says hunger worsens in Zimbabwe, less staple food ...

The United Nations food agency says hunger is worsening in Zimbabwe after
erratic rains, shortages of seeds and fertilizer and “poor agricultural
practices” in ...

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