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Food Crops News 81

FOOD CROPS Food Crops News 81 (Bản tin Cây Lương thực Quốc tế)

Green Super Rice Trials in Long Phu, Soc Trang, Vietnam. Photo Hoang Long 

ANN LOVEJOY | Nurturing homegrown food crops
Kitsap Sun

Since the whole country has been experiencing unusual weather lately, we
can consider ourselves fortunate to just be dealing with our usual variety
of summerish weather. As usual, cool-season crops thrived in the chilly,
wet spring and early summer. And, as ...
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The Hunger Wars in Our Future
Huffington Post

Because so many nations depend on grain imports from the U.S. to supplement
their own harvests, and because intense drought and floods are damaging
crops elsewhere as well, food supplies are expected to shrink and prices to
rise across the planet.
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Dwindling US crops add to global inflation challenge

USDA supply/demand report could fuel food inflation. * USDA set to revise
down corn, soy crop estimates. * Analysts eye cut in acres to be harvested.
* Crop trouble in Europe, poor monsoon in India. By K.T. Arasu. CHICAGO,
Aug 7 (Reuters) - The U.S. ...
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Shrinking US crops pose inflation challenge for countries
Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO (Reuters) - For nations like China and India fighting to tamp down
inflation while spurring growth, even as the global economy faces headwinds
from Europe's debt crisis, shrinking U.S. crops could be an additional
headache as food prices creep ...
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Speculative hoarding fuels food-price hike
Himalayan Times

The rapid rise in prices of all basic food crops –– corn, wheat,
soybean, cereals and rice –– along with other food items like cooking
oil, has been devastating for the poor, said secretary at the Ministry of
Commerce and Supplies Lal Mani Joshi in a programme ...
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Britain faces food price hikes as fears grow that drought-hit Russia may impose ...
Daily Mail

Lack of rain in America's breadbasket intensified at an unprecedented rate,
driving concern food prices could soar even further if crops in the world's
key producer are decimated. Experts fear the US crisis, coupled with the
problems in Russia, could cause ...
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US Drought Takes Toll on Farmers, Global Food Market

Although it is hard to estimate the exact loss from the drought, as many
crops are still in the growing season, there is little doubt that the
overall U.S. agricultural production will be reduced for the current crop
year. The USDA said the drought, along with heat, ...
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The Silver Lining in the Drought
New York Times

This limited diversity of crops restricts our diets, degrades our soils and
increases our vulnerability to droughts. Farmers in the central plains used
to grow a greater diversity of food and forage crops, including oats, hay,
alfalfa and sorghum. But they gradually ...
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