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Food Crops News 104

FOOD CROPS Food Crops News 104 (Bản tin Cây Lương thực Quốc tế)
Green Super Rice Trials in Long Phu, Soc Trang, Vietnam. Photo Hoang Long

Crops in India Wilt in a Weak Monsoon Season
New York Times

Drought has devastated crops around the world this year, including corn and
soybeans in the United States, wheat in Russia and Australia and soybeans
in Brazil and Argentina. This has contributed to a 6 percent rise in global
food prices from June to ...
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Drought damage to crops starting to show up in higher food prices locally
Naples Daily News

As food prices rose across the nation due to the corn crop drought in the
Midwest, Southwest Florida customers felt the price pinch. What happens
next to the crops in that agricultural region, following the deluge brought
by Hurricane Isaac as it moved ...
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Soaring food prices
Business Recorder (blog)

Expressing alarm over the situation, the World Bank said on 30th August
that drought in the US and European crop centres had sent global food
prices soaring by 10 percent last month, raising a food security threat to
the world's poorest people. The ...
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Safeguarding our crops

Added to population explosion, there were frequent setbacks to crop
production experienced in the shape of abiotic and biotic stress during the
last two decades in the several food crops where intensive farm practices
were adopted. Among these stresses ...
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"Food nanny" charge doesn't stick
The Packer (blog)

Among other motives, the food nannies at the Department of Agriculture may
just have been following up on a little-noticed feature of the current farm
bill which expanded crop subsidies and allowed politicians to harvest
campaign contributions from new ...
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New agri equipment strengthen high-value crops processing

Agduyeng said increasing the production of high value crops, like table
bananas, such as cardaba and similar varieties, which are used as
alternative staple food by some of our countrymen, could contribute much in
easing the pressure on rice supply ...
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Bad news for movie fans: US drought hits popcorn crop

Retail prices have jumped this summer: from about US$20 (S$25) for a 50
pound bag to US$30 or higher, said Tim Caldwell, owner of Pop It Rite, an
Illinois-based popcorn industry expert and snack foods consultant.
Wholesale prices have started to creep ...
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FOOD: Another strain of deadly wheat fungus in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG, 3 September 2012 (IRIN) - As the world's supply of staple
grains grows tight, scientists are learning about the discovery in South
Africa of yet another deadly variant of Ug99 stem rust, a virulent fungal
disease that can devastate wheat ...
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Workshop: Cover Crops and Permanent Bed Systems | Local Food ...

Through his on-farm research he has developed effective pairings of food
crops and soil-building cover crops. He has also designed and modified
equipment for ...

Enriching the world's soil - BBC
Nanoparticle 'risk' to food crops. A pair of widely used chemicals in the
form of tiny "nanoparticles" have been shown to spread throughout a crop
plant or affect ...

Mars ISRU for food crops and consumables.
NASASpaceFlight.com Forum > Commercial and US Government Launch Vehicles >
Commercial Space Flight General > Topic: Mars ISRU for food crops and ...

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