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Food Crops News 108

FOOD CROPS Food Crops News 108 (Bản tin Cây Lương thực Quốc tế)

Hệ thống Cây Lương thực Việt Nam.

Climate Change and the Food Supply
New York Times (blog)

We have had two huge spikes in global food prices in five years that were
driven largely by chaotic weather. And this year we may be in the early
stages of a third big jump. Droughts and heat waves have damaged crops in
many producing countries this ...
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U.S. Football Snacks Double With Drought Withering Crops
San Francisco Chronicle

Food items popular during the U.S. football season, from corn chips and
burgers to nachos and wings, are rising after the worst drought since 1956
damaged crops and increased the cost of feeding livestock. Tyson Foods Inc.
and other poultry producers ...
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In a drought, why are we using our food for automobiles?
Tulsa Beacon

The drought in the Midwest – including Oklahoma – is expected to cause
corn prices and food prices to rise. Even though a big crop is expected, at
least half of that corn is expected to be of low quality. About one-fourth
is rated “good to excellent ...
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UN Says Food Price Crisis Unlikely But Urges Action
Huffington Post

ROME, Sept 6 (Reuters) - World food prices stabilised in August at levels
close to those reached in the food crisis of 2008, and global grain stocks
are likely to shrink this year as cereal crop output falls short of what is
needed, the United Nations ...
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Midwest drought causes higher food prices and less crop output
Daily Sundial

Maize (corn), wheat, and soybean plants have been greatly affected by the
drought. The World Bank claimed the price of wheat and maize rose 25
percent and soybeans rose by 17 percent worldwide. As a result of the
drought, worldwide food prices jumped ...
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Dole settles lawsuits alleging injuries from crop chemical
Ventura County Star

Dole Food Company, Inc. in Westlake Village said it has settled 38 lawsuits
related to an agricultural chemical. The agreement settled five lawsuits in
the U.S. and 33 in Nicaragua, according to Dole. The Nicaragua cases
alleged $9 billion in damages.
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We were wrong to ban food exports, says PM
The Citizen Daily

The Government has bowed down to expert advice on the export ban on food
crops with Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda conceding yesterday that studies on
food security give a clear indication that the ban has hurt the country in
many ways. He was speaking ...
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East Africa: Landmark Survey Finds Adaptation to Climate Change On ...

While warmer temperatures can in fact increase yields for some
crops--particularly in the tropics--the overall implications of climate
change for food security for families and the region as a whole is an
immense concern," said James Kinyangi, CCAFS ...
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Media coverage misleading on Stanford's organic vs. conventional food study
Boulder Weekly

Now apply this to nutritional values of all food crops and meats and you
have the conclusions reached by the Stanford study. Hardly groundbreaking.
An accurate headline would have read something like, “Stanford study
finds that organic and ...
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Ashland council seeks farm protection from GMO crops
Mail Tribune

The Ashland City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to send a letter
asking Jackson County commissioners to take whatever action they deem
necessary to protect organic farming in the county from genetically
modified crops. Organic food cannot ...
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Food crops in Northeast China expands towards north - SINA English

It is introduced by expert of CMO that heat resources are the main factor
of influencing the growth of food crops in the 3 provinces of Northeast
China. Due to ...

Mars ISRU for food crops and consumables. - Forum
Mars-One hasn't given any credible public presentation that they have
considered a garden just yet. Yeah, probably should. I dont want to start
it because I might ...

Mars ISRU for food crops and consumables. - Forum
If lower pressure greenhouses produced a lower crop yield, then more
greenhouse space would be needed to produce the same amount of food. Study
is ...

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