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Food Crops News 114

FOOD CROPS Food Crops News 114 (Bản tin Cây Lương thực Quốc tế)
Hệ thống Cây Lương thực Việt Nam.

FOOD CROPS Food Crops News 113 (Bản tin Cây Lương thực Quốc tế)
Photo: Cassava News: 45th anniversary of the
Founding of CIAT,10 September 2012 Hanoi, Vietnam: Sharpening the Competitive Adge of Agriculture in South East Asia thrrough Eco-coefficient Crops and Systems

Congratulations on the 45th anniversary of CIAT

FOOD CROPS NEWS. 10 September 2012 in Hanoi, Vietnam, the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) celebrates 45 years of research for development aimed at benefiting smallholder farmers and poor consumers across the tropical world. At the same time, the Center marks three decades of innovative research for marketoriented agricultural development in Southeast Asia, among them including Vietnam. (see Welcome from Vietnam by Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Bui Ba Bong and  Cassava in Vietnam: a successful story)  Lessons learned including Enhancing the sustainability of cassava production in Vietnam through varietal dissemination and integrated management, 6M, 10T, FPR and FPE. CIAT began working in Vietnam since 1988 up to now by strengthening the capacity of national scientists working on cassava and tropical forages as well as through providing access to the germplasm collections held in trust by CIAT. Those activities led to research on crop improvement and management, which has featured strong collaboration with hundreds of partners and enjoyed continued donor support. Cassava CIAT & VIETNAM collaborative efforts have flourished, generating huge impacts on the livelihoods of the poor made possible in large part by two key developments, which have paralleled Vietnam’s overall economic success. One was the region’s remarkable cassava boom. Cassavafor bio-fuel in Vietnam is the opportunity and challenges  for the farmers in rural. This has transformed the crop into a preferred raw material for industry, creating new sources of income for millions of smallholder cassava farmers, who have widely adopted improved varieties and production practices.  Cassava for Food, Feed in Vietnam is the other food and livestock revolution. This has given smallholders a powerful incentive to adopt high quality tropical forages for fodder, which are turning subsistence farming into productive and sustainable enterprises in many areas. Cassavaand Vietnam: Now and Then with CIAT for research and development, including 6M, 10T, FPR and FPE to continue … The aim of this collaboration is to envisage a better future for cassava in Vietnam, in which more ecoefficient crops and systems sharpen the competitive edge of agriculture while reducing its ecological footprint and strengthening its resilience in the face of climate change. (see more)
US protesters set sights on GMOs, close Calif. facility
More than 40 countries around the world have some requirements for labeling
foods containing ingredients from genetically modified crops. But U.S.
regulators have rejected requests by many groups for similar labeling
rules, and as a result many ...
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Drought hurt world crops less than many had feared: USDA
Chicago Tribune
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Searing droughts in the United States and Russia
will deplete harvests of wheat, corn and soybeans, the U.S. government said
on Wednesday, but global food supplies were not hurt as badly as many had
feared. With the U.S. ...
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Harvesting a Climate Disaster
New York Times
The Democratic-led Senate has already passed its version of the bill; the
Republican-controlled House is squabbling over a competing approach (one
that sharply cuts food aid to the poor). Irate farmers want both sides to
shut up and pass something that ...
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A farm bill, and food stamps
Los Angeles Times
Midwestern farmers, facing uncertainty about their crops in the midst of
the worst drought in half a century, have something else to steam about:
Congress' failure to pass a new farm bill, even though the old one is
slated to expire Sept. 30. That may ...
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US Lowers Forecast of Crop Yields for a 3rd Time as Record Heat Lingers
New York Times
The new data suggested that customers would pay more at the grocery store
next year as the prices of corn and soybeans — major ingredients in
processed food, animal feed and biofuels — rise to record levels. The
corn crop yield is expected to be 122 ...
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GM food production increasing
As of the end of 2011, direct consumption food crops grown commercially or
in research trials included papaya, squash, tomatoes, sweet peppers,
eggplants, sweet corn, potatoes, starch bananas and rice. The remainder of
crops being grown and in research ...
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Food Fears Spread As US Amends Grain Forecast
Sky News
Neighbouring Kazakhstan's crop estimate has also been chopped by the US
Department of Agriculture (USDA) by 4.5%. Unfavourable weather conditions
have increased pressure on prices for crops used for human consumption and
livestock food chains.
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Vicksburg Harvest Festival crops up on a Sunday this year, Sept. 23
Kalamazoo Gazette -

VICKSBURG, MI – Pumpkin decorating and pie baking contests, a scavenger
hunt, animals to pet including a camel, a scavenger hunt, lots of different
food, vendors galore and more than 1,000 people are all expected to show up
for the fourth annual ...

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Studies shed light on how to reduce the amount of toxins in plant-derived foods


Most Cd enters the body through plant-derived foods because plants can
efficiently take up Cd from the soil. "We need to further develop molecular
understanding of the mechanisms that lead to plant Cd uptake for the
reduction of Cd levels in food.
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SABMiller in EUR 3.7m EU grant to create food from agricultural by-products


Cassava and yam are important food security crops for approximately 700
million people. However, losses after harvesting and during processing can
be as high as 30% for cassava, which is not only detrimental to food
security and the environment but ...
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PPP To Strengthen Market For Food Crops - Nduom| News | Graphic ...

A government of the Progressive People's Party (PPP) will be committed to
the development of food crops through modernisation and creation of market
access, ...

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