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Food Crops News 117

FOOD CROPS Food Crops News 117 (Bản tin Cây Lương thực Quốc tế)
CROPS FOR BIOFUEL Cây Nhiên liệu Sinh học
Airlines Grapple With Food v. Biofuel Debate

The policy change comes after studies cast doubt on the carbon dioxide
emissions savings from using crop-based fuels, and following a poor harvest
in key grain growing regions that pushed up prices and revived fears of
food shortages. This week France ...
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Australia's 2012-13 wheat crop seen shrinking, dry weather hurts
Business Recorder (blog)

Analysts said cold temperatures earlier in the season contributed to
Western Australia and east coast crops being slightly behind normal in
terms of development. The New South Wales Department of Primary Industry
and Department of Agriculture and Food ...
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As West African floodwaters rise there are increasing fears for food security
Newstime Africa

As of Sep. 12, 75 people had been killed, 37,000 homes submerged and crops
destroyed in 150 of the country's 366 communes, according to prime
ministerial spokesman Oumarou Keïta, who also sits on Niger's
Inter-ministerial Committee for Prevention and ...
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'Food for the Soul' garden inspires, educates other gardeners
Coon Rapids Herald

The gardeners are quick to point out that they couldn't have created
“Food for the Soul” without the generosity and support of Malmborg's
Nursery, which donated many plants. The Anoka County Master Gardener
program, which is part of the University of ...
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Nature Nut: An oasis of prairie provides food for thought

Bumper crops can obviously be touted for their boon to the area's economy
with all the food or ethanol energy they provide. However, I often find
myself wondering what the land looked like before we stripped it of the
millions of acres of native ...
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Low cost solutions convert plastics from food waste and renewable raw materials

Until recently corn, sugarcane and other edible crops are being used to
make bioplastics. That sets the bioplastics industry up for competition
against the world's food supply, which is already under enormous stress
from population growth and climate ...
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Stanford study unlikely to slow momentum of Marin's organic food movement
Marin Independent-Journal

Organic foods accounted for about 31 percent of the county's total
agricultural production of $70 million in 2011, according to the county's
annual Livestock and Agricultural Crop Report. Parnay said those numbers
underestimate the total size of Marin ...
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Fresh move to check food adulteration
Financial Express Bangladesh

Therefore, if the government wants to weed out the menace, it should begin
its work right from the crop field and not concentrate alone on prepared
food. In the backdrop of alarming trend in adulteration of food, some
ruling Awami League lawmakers in ...
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Letters: GM food support beggars belief
Herald Sun

Therefore, it beggars belief that in the National Food Plan, recently
released for public consultation, the Federal Government is firmly backing
GM crops and foods, making unsupported claims about its benefits, still
refusing to properly label GM ...
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Canola a growing crop in Columbia Basin
Seattle Post Intelligencer

Hennings and Morgan said a new processing plant is being built in Warden in
Grant County, which reportedly will produce food-grade oil. "Both are
aggressively trying to get acres," Hennings said. "And they're paying
well." Nationally, canola farmers ...
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What food Crops,Flowers or plants can be grown in S/W Texas or S/W ...

What food Crops,Flowers or plants can be grown in S/W Texas or S/W new

Bioversity International: Neglected crops: why it is critical we ...

"With climate change putting increasing strain on our food systems,
diversity of our food crops will be critical for resilience" - Stefano
Padulosi at the IUCN ...

Radioactivity in Some Food Crops from High Background Radiation ...

The activity concentration of the natural radionuclide in the food crops
lied ... Keywords: Radionuclides, Activity concentration, Food crops,
Mining ,Jos- Plateau.

Drought Losses Of U.S. Crops Smaller Than Feared, USDA Reports ...

But even though USDA lowered its crop estimates for the United States and
Russia, they are bigger ... MasterCard And WFP Team Up To Deliver
“Digital Food” ...

FAO, IFAD, WFP Release Joint Statement Amid Food Price Hike ...

Articles in the September 12, 2012 Issue of Crop Biotech Update. NEWS
Global • FAO, IFAD, WFP Release Joint Statement Amid Food Price Hike •
FAO: Food ...

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