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Food Crops News 185

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Puny acorn crop leads to more roadkill Roanoke Times
Virginia's mighty oaks have produced this fall a puny crop of acorns. And the scarcity of this important wildlife food has affected the animals and the hunters who ...
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Bangladesh Approves Cultivation of Genetically Modified Eggplant Wall Street Journal
It is contested by environmental activists on concerns over food safety even as scientists research on transgenic crops to tackle drought, salinity and pest-related ...
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Philippines grapples with new crisis from typhoon
... to Oxfam and the United Nation's Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). ... farmers were harvesting the main season crop, which represents more than 50 ...
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Todmorden sustainable food garden launches Lancashire Telegraph
CAMPAIGNERS for sustainable food production, who have won the support of ... Included in the garden also will be a hydroponics section, where crops are ...
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Changing the global food narrative
And that means we'll need to use genetically modified crops and other advanced technologies to produce this additional food. It's a race to feed the world, and ...
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Langley urges small-lot owners to get farming Vancouver Sun (blog)
Dennis Popowich operates JD Cedars on his five acres in Langley and is thinking about using more of his land to grow food crops. He plans to attend an all-day ...
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Bayer AG : Fostering stakeholder dialogue to find new perspectives ... 4-traders (press release)
"We have to find ways to reduce food loss during crop production itself and post-harvest stages of the food chain, mostly in developing countries. Besides, more ...
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New technology could help crops in crowded fields
"The problem with shade avoidance when it comes to food crops is that the plants are spending all this time and energy making stems so they can grow tall, ...
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Crop protection products crucial for commercial viability, says ... FOOD Magazine - Australia
A new study states that without the use of approved crop protection products, crucial food crops including carrots, peanuts and even hops would be commercially ...
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'Pollination relates to productivity and food security' Pakistan Daily Times
Pollinators play a significant role in the production of food crops in the world. Almost all fruit and grain crops require pollination to produce their crop. Honeybee ...
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Chemicals underpin food boom The Australian
AN economic study of the benefits of agricultural chemicals to food has found two-thirds of the value of the $26 billion in crops grown annually in Australia is ...
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World food security at risk as crop yields plateau Reuters AlertNet
With increases in population adding to the demand for food but eating up the land on which to grow it, that could pose an increasingly serious problem.
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Campaigners want food waste back on menu for pigs Farmers Guardian
CAMPAIGNERS calling for pigs to be fed on waste and surplus food rather than food crops such as wheat, soy and maize will hit London's Trafalgar Square ...
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FAO ESTIMATE; Typhoon crop damage at $110M Malaya
MILAN - The typhoon that hit the Philippines has caused crop losses worth $110 ... and coconut crops, as well as livestock, poultry and fisheries,” the Food and ...
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Americans Deserve a Break (From GE Foods) Today Food and Water Watch (blog)
Since McDonald's has pledged not to use GE apples, Food & Water Watch ... This technology has only been used on a few crops thus far and USDA has not yet ...
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Science's role in growing diverse, nutritious food SciDev.Net
How to achieve this jump in food production sustainably is “one of the big questions of our time”, says Sieg Snapp, a professor of soil and cropping systems at ...
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Council Gives Final Approval to GMO Restrictions Big Island Now
If it becomes law, the bill passed today would ban not only new use of GMO technology on non-papaya food crops, but also on the flower industry. File photo.
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Food for thought as campaign plants seeds for future Yorkshire Post
Aquaponics is a food production system that combines the rearing of fish with hydroponics – a method of growing crops using mineral rich water without soil.
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Oregon Re-Learns Truth about Genetically Improved Crops Consumer Freedom
With a ballot initiative that would mandate scientifically irrelevant labels on foods produced using genetically improved crops heading to defeat in Washington ...
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Discussion centers in genetically modifying crops Dearborn Press and Guide
DEARBORN — Two speakers tried to argue Michigan's food supply is safe while a third raised concerns about genetically modified crops during a League of ...
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Winter crops in Ukraine sprout on 95% of fields Interfax
Winter grain crops in Ukraine as of November 18 had sprouted on 7.3 million hectares, or 95% of the fields sowed with the crops, the Ministry of Agricultural ...
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Acorn Crop Very Light This Year WSLS
DGIF officials are concerned about a light crop because acorns are a preferred food for many wildlife species, including white-tailed deer, black bear and wild ...
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Food for all Daily Star Online
Boosting yields of locally grown staple foods (rather than cash crops) would increase self-sufficiency and strengthen resilience when international food prices ...
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Council in Kaua'i Mandates Pesticide, GMO Reports Food Poisoning Bulletin
The Center for Food Safety (CFS) reports that the Kaua'i County Council overturned a ... from pesticide use and the cultivation of genetically engineered crops.
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Insight: climate change would benefit energy crop production in China environmentalresearchweb
Rotating between food and perennial energy crops would give rise to a new agricultural structure that sustains and balances food and energy crop production in ...
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(Neb.)-Deadline Approaching For Livestock Conference Registration KCSR
The theme for this year's conference is “Using cover crops in western Nebraska,” and speakers with experience in sustainable, organic and holistic agricultural ...
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Biofuels and Climate Change: Pulpwood to the Rescue? Huffington Post
More specifically, the argument goes something like this: When we take crops normally used for food, and use them as feedstock for biofuels instead (e.g., corn ...
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GM crop Luddism Stock Journal (blog)
And the insistence that SA's food sector has a world reputation for producing clean, green premium food that is enhanced by preventing GM crop cultivation in ...
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China and US can use biotechnology to end scourge of global hunger
Most US families, including my own, safely consume food made from biotech crops on a daily basis. The challenges we face are too extensive to reject the ...
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Call for diversified investment in agriculture Pakistan Observer
Unfortunately, she added, most investment in agriculture is for crops such as wheat, rice, and maize, rather than more nutritious foods—and this focus has had ...
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Farm City Week essay contest winner, high school division Bradenton Herald
Without the production and cultivation of food and products, civilizations crumble ... of Florida's people, in growing a vast amount of different crops and livestock.
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Crop experiments needed for food security DhakaTribune
A number of different genetically modified crop varieties are being tested as part of the country's efforts to modernise our agriculture. The jury is still out on the ...
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Veto override will limit pesticide use, GMO crops on Hawaiian island Reuters
The Kauai County Council's 5-2 vote means agricultural companies will be unable to plant crops inside buffer zones created around schools, homes and ...
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Biotech aiming to be $100 bn sector by 2025: Biocon chief Kiran ... Financial Express
The government should allow the genetically modified crops. Without that the country cannot be food sufficient, she added. "Moreover this would also lead to ...
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Breeding mutant crops widespread Vancouver Sun
The United Nations' Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture program has ... The group in Vienna promotes developing more "sustainable" crops by ...
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BC's scattered agricultural land Vancouver Sun
Crops under cultivation are mainly cereal grains such as wheat, oats and barley ... significant fertile valleys and was, a century ago, nearly food self-sufficient.
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Indonesia must adopt GMO to achieve self-sufficiency in food Business Recorder
Indonesia must adopt genetically modified crops if the world's fourth-most-populous nation wants to achieve self-sufficiency in food staples like corn, a senior ...
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Food for thought as farm commodity prices fall Winnipeg Free Press
Unlike tweets, food is tangible. ... Basse said historically high crop commodity prices have drawn an additional 72 million hectares of land worldwide into ...
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State adds 700 new beekeepers Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette
"In fact, they pollinate about a third of all food-producing plants." In recent years, the honeybee population has dwindled as pests and diseases have taken a toll ...
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Indigenous crops feeding the world Imperial Valley News
Unfortunately, most investment in agriculture is for crops such as wheat, rice, and maize, rather than more nutritious foods--and this focus has had devastating ...
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Ethanol's growing cost to our food security American Thinker (blog)
In turn, that destroys native plants and wipes out wildlife habitats. ... erosion and as a national security food reserve to grow food during times of famine or war.
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Finish the Farm Bill and fund agricultural energy programs The Hill (blog)
For instance, the Biomass Crop Assistance Program (BCAP) partners with hundreds of farmers to develop next-generation energy crops from non-food sources, ...
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Israeli agritech firm aims for big boost in crop yields Reuters
Enhanced crops are not genetically modified ... Israel is considered a world leader in agricultural technology development with irrigation techniques, hot houses ...
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Heinz plant closure: Wynne aims to get new food plant in Leamington Toronto Star
Ontario will work to get another food business into the soon-to-be-shuttered ... 40 per cent of tomato crops are contracted to the factory, which makes ketchup, ...
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In a Bean, a Boon to Biotech New York Times
Despite industry promises to create better-tasting or more nutritional foods, virtually all the biotech crops introduced since 1996 have been aimed at helping ...
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